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  1. Okay, I'm really not that good at typing out what I mean in my head. I meant your book doesn't have to inexplicably Christian, more of an underlying Christian theme.
  2. You could drop hints. Or you could be very subtle about it. Mention God at times but not blast it in the reader's face. Think "Chronicles of Narnia." I haven't read those but from what I know there is a Christian message interwoven throughout the story.
  3. image.png.cbb90b0e4d45e812133039b9b73ead16.png


    1. zx1ninja


      I can relate to that. Sometimes I read an old report and ask that same question. 

  4. The last few weeks off and on. It could be that I strained my voice from singing or something else.
  5. My voice/muscles around it have been hurting off and on the past few weeks when I sing or talk or when I'm doing neither. It could be from singing too much or from something entirely different. For now I will not doing any singing for a couple weeks and am keeping talking to a minimal. Prayers would be appreciated.
  6. This happens five years later. Raven is already in jail and Heidi got (I assume) blamed for a crime she didn't commit so got thrown in Raven's cell.
  7. Oh! I forgot. One more question. Two, actually. How does the policeman let Heidi take the punishment and what is the punishment?
  8. The aunt doesn't keep track of her maids and probably forgot about Raven.
  9. Five years later or right after the theft?
  10. Yes, because she can't stand being made a servant/slave and she has to meet up with her old pal Raven.
  11. Also, how would Heidi know her friend was writing out a check?
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