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  1. So. I have a question. Two, actually.

    1. When was Christian Writers founded??
    2.  Whatever happened to Steven Hutson??


    1. Alley


      1) I don't know. 

      2) His profile is deleted. Maybe pray for him. 

    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      Okay! Thanks!

  2. Happy early Memorial Day, everyone!


    To anyone who has an empty chair at their table. . .my prayers are with you.

  3. Love that picture of the swans! So pretty!

  4. So! For anyone who is having a bad day, I have a question for you. . .


    A cowboy left his farm on Friday and rode his horse to town. He was gone for three days. Then he came back on Friday. How is this possible?


    Post your answers below. :D

    1. Alley


      Is this ask the Alley until she gets something right, or stump the Alley? ?

    2. Sarah Daffy

      Sarah Daffy

      No! Neither of the two! Just havin' a good ol' time!☺️

    3. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Just seeing this now. I've known this for years. The horse's name!!

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  5. Hey! I love your name!:D

    1. Grace Roman

      Grace Roman

      Um, thanks.  Daffy makes you sound fun.  ?

  6. OK! Maybe we should PM! We've made this originally 3/4 page thread into six pages!
  7. Sorry for getting off subject, @KR LaLonde. Got a little carried away.? If you want, we can PM to finish up the topic.
  8. I'll tell you a secret: I am working on the rough outline of an anti-abortion book. I hope to write the first chapter soon and maybe post it soon. I got the idea because I was spared from abortion. My mother was told to abort me because of various reasons, but she didn't.
  9. So have you ever completed any books? I've only finished one novel. I can't say that I've written a lot of books or am a writing pro. I do have lots of story ideas and book titles, though!
  10. So true with me! I got an idea for a character description just by looking at a picture of a goose in a restaurant!
  11. I hope you don't my asking, but what genre do you write?
  12. Yes! And highly energetic, therefore causing trouble, becoming very good escape artists if you don't properly exercise them. . .
  13. Thanks! I'll tell you a secret: I don't actually have a border collie, I just got this photo off the internet. One of my goals, though, is to someday have a border collie.
  14. Oh, believe me, I have more than 200 titles, some of them with covers made, but most of them not. I use OpenOffice Writer for my writing which doesn't allow much for cover designing.
  15. Sorry for the double posting. My internet is very funky, and right now it is choosing to act up. Sorry about that!
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