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    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      I can't listen right now, but her expression and the link title crack me up!

    2. Ky_GirlatHeart


      Snow White: Now he comes home to live with me and my forty-three other animals.

      The guy: *speechless*

      Me: Uhhh... How do you afford all of that??


      Elsa: Let it go.

      Guy with the screwdriver: *stares at her in confusion*

      Elsa: *with more emphasis* Let it go.

      Handyman: i think she's talking to you.

      Guy with the screwdriver: *still confused*

      Elsa: *exasperated* Put the screwdriver down.

      Guy with the screwdriver: Oh! *tosses it down*

      Me: Didn't that just hurt your screwdriver-


      Ariel: *picks up a frying pan* This looks DANGEROUS! *swings it at the lady*

      Lady: *ducks back and gasps*

      Ariel: *keeps swinging the pan*

      Lady: Uh, I have - on occasion - used it as a weapon.

      Me: And how up-to-date is your security system?

      Extremely funny though!!



  2. It's been like that for me too since I joined.
  3. Weeeeeeellll. . .they are identical. . .
  4. Actually, the characters are the younger sisters of the main protagonist who is 16.
  5. Which name set do you like better for two eight year old twin girls who are always getting into trouble and blaming the other one?
  6. It means emerald in Spanish.
  7. Any ideas of nicknames for the name Esmeralda?
  8. As I’m sure many of you know, I’m writing a book set in the 1840s. Well, one of my characters gets shot in the side behind a hotel and goes unconscious. She needs immediate medical attention. I’m wondering, would the people who heard the gunshot and came to help take the character to the hospital, a doctor’s office, or bring a doctor to the hotel?
  9. Sarah Daffy


    Hi, Stephanie! It's nice to meet you.
  10. Okay, what's wrong with it? (and how did you think up the question? 😁)
  11. I think you mean a very talented vegetable. 😁

    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Love it  ❤️ 

  13. image.png.4595a4d5fec529aa42afac2836994281.png






    1. quietspirit


      Good pics.


    2. Ky_GirlatHeart


      I think I died when I saw the Pea River Missionary Baptist Church. But imagine...

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