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    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Neither. The three doctors were women?

    2. Sarah Daffy
  2. I think hallucinations happen when you are either delirious, suffering from lack of sleep, or under drugs. Dreams happen when you're asleep.
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    1. quietspirit


      So funny, so true, and so sad.


  4. I guess. I had an idea of making her (dream, I guess?) of memories from the past. (is that possible?)
  5. What if you were given some kind of pain medicine to help you stay asleep for surgery? (this happened to my 1840s protagonist when she got shot in the side. Could the medicine make her dream?)
  6. Can you dream while you're unconscious? Any research I've done has not really come up with an answer.
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    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      Hey, either way I'd eat it!

  8. Meaning they might hallucinate or go crazy?

    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      When Home Depot and Google have got your back..

  10. Claire said Norland was an estate in Sense and Sensibility. Can I still use it?
  11. I wanted there to be a small chance the protagonist would survive. She does though.
  12. Oops, sorry, did you mean Norland sounds fantasy?
  13. It would be more of a fictional modern day world. The kingdom would probably be similar to England. Drama perhaps? Not sure yet.
  14. I keep forgetting to mention the time period! Sorry. 😳 It is 1840s New England. In a city at a fancy hotel.
  15. Which kingdom name do you like better? Also, the monarch that rules the land is named Queen Opaline. Not sure if that helps. (thanks to @Jeff Potts for Norland.)
  16. My protagonist gets shot in the side at the back of a hotel. The doctor operates but would he leave a nurse with her to change bandages and give pain medicine or would he come daily to check on her? Also, would he leave her in a room at the hotel?
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