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  1. Meaning they might hallucinate or go crazy?

    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      When Home Depot and Google have got your back..

  3. Claire said Norland was an estate in Sense and Sensibility. Can I still use it?
  4. I wanted there to be a small chance the protagonist would survive. She does though.
  5. Oops, sorry, did you mean Norland sounds fantasy?
  6. It would be more of a fictional modern day world. The kingdom would probably be similar to England. Drama perhaps? Not sure yet.
  7. I keep forgetting to mention the time period! Sorry. 😳 It is 1840s New England. In a city at a fancy hotel.
  8. Which kingdom name do you like better? Also, the monarch that rules the land is named Queen Opaline. Not sure if that helps. (thanks to @Jeff Potts for Norland.)
  9. My protagonist gets shot in the side at the back of a hotel. The doctor operates but would he leave a nurse with her to change bandages and give pain medicine or would he come daily to check on her? Also, would he leave her in a room at the hotel?

    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      the sampler was gross.

      the last in line was sad. That's why we let the elderly go first. 

      I am sort of a sampler, but not tasting the food, ugh, but I take a little of every thing then go back when I have tasted a sample of each dish.  


  11. Does Netherway sound like a good name for a modern-day, fictional kingdom? Does it sound like Norway or Netherland? Also, can you get in trouble for making up a ruler for, say, modern-day France and publishing it in a book?
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