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    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      Such an enjoyable classic!

    2. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Love it!

  2. It was mentioned because there were maps of old historical places where you could metal detect, I think...
  3. Believe it or not I actually found out about this website a while ago from a metal detecting book.
  4. Thank you all so much! 😊
  5. Thank you! It was supposed to be a short story if that’s what you mean. The 300 word count didn’t give me a lot of room to work with. A lot of credit goes to my sister for a fantastic edit she did for me.
  6. Hi, everyone, I entered a writing challenge and made it to the finalists. If you'd like to support me via a vote, I'm under the pen name "Ann Milo". (Voting ends tomorrow at 8:00 A.M. Pacific time.) Thanks so much https://speculativefaith.lorehaven.com/finalists-2020-spec-faith-fall-writing-challenge/#respond
  7. For lighting the set...
  8. Trying to get some LED lights for film to light the set but not sure what kind to get. Anyone who is a filmmaker or who have used these lights have any suggestions?
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