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  1. Actually, no. It’s from the POV of the good guy. The antagonist is a secondary main character.
  2. She was going to die as a result of taking the punishment. A Disney death is when you think the character dies, but they really do not. Disney often does this, hence, a "Disney death". Can you continue the story from the antagonist's POV?
  3. Nice new avatar, Z!

    1. zx1ninja


      Yea, might keep it a while. Not sure,  kinda like the whole Z thing.  😀

  4. I'm trying to decide if I should do a permanent death or a "Disney death". My main protagonist shows up right when the temporary antagonist is about to be punished for past misdeeds and takes the punishment, then maybe dies. Thoughts?
  5. Thinking of doing this in my historical fiction. Thoughts?
  6. Happy Birthday, Lynn! Thanks for all you do for Christianwriters! 💗
  7. What was life like for an orphan in an orphanage in the 1840s? What chores did they do? Did they have school all day? Need help with this for my historical fiction. Thanks in advance.
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