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  1. Just told @Sunny Thank you @Alley!!!
  2. I have a guy who does book illustration and mines came out sooooo good that I wanted to share with some of you who might be needing one soon! Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Hi. My current illustrator just worked on a couple of the pages for my upcoming children's book. Did you want more information? feel free to ask me...
  4. Hello, my fellow brothers and sisters. Is anyone interested in cross-promoting, donating, or contributing to my blog page? I am looking to get some heartfelt stories and inspirational messages to the outsiders and insiders like us! ❤️ My page is tiaspage.com Thanks to Beverly who already shared one of her stories!
  5. Hello KR Thank you so much for your input! Parents were busy with multiple businesses and obligations...
  6. 777t

    Beyond The Doubts

    Lynn Thank You.
  7. 777t

    Prayer Works

    YES! I JUST WROTE ABOUT THIS.... https://tiaspage.com/beyond-the-doubts/ ❤️
  8. https://tiaspage.com/beyond-the-doubts/ THANK YOU FOR VIEWING! ❤️
  9. Just stopping by to say, Have a blessed day Lynn! 

    1. lynnmosher


      Awww, thank you, sweetie. May you have a blessed day and weekend as well! :D?

  10. Hi Lynn! Thank God, I was able to finally open up for the first time. ❤️
  11. Full Story with photos at https://tiaspage.com/my-story-pt-1/ I planned to climb out of my castle and ride my white horse to victory. To me, it sounded simple. Unfortunately, no one told me that a leap from the tallest tower makes for a great fall. I was born into a Korean-Japanese family. I think the best word to describe my childhood is: extraordinary. My parents met in Tokyo, Japan, and my dad fell madly in love with my beautiful mom. They were 18 years apart in age, but my dad was persistent in getting to my mom’s heart. Soon, they tied the knot and had over a dozen miscarriages before they had me at seven months, as the “miracle child.” My mom became a businesswoman and my dad, a high-ranking political leader for the Republic of South Korea. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them, and by faith, my mom remarried her long-lost friend from high school who was the youngest son from the Japanese Mafia Family. Fortunately for me, my parents remained great friends. My stepfather looked up to and respected my biological father. I loved them both and was their princess. My biological father was always on TV, and the whole nation paid great respect to him. His words were like gold in many people’s lives, though I never knew why till years later. My stepfather, on the other side, was a very handsome and powerful figure, too. Strangely, I looked very similar to both of them and people often couldn’t guess which one was my birth father. The unique life got me living in Taiwan, South Korea, and eventually, Hawaii. We had many properties. Our family friends who were famous and noble—including the presidents—would come over for parties at our homes. My friends, however, were only allowed to come over to three of our homes: one in Honolulu, the other two near the Paris Park and Hyundai Tower in Gangnam, South Korea. My life was above average, but not to the extent that some of my relatives were. To give you an idea, one of my cousins received an entire temple with a golden Buddha for her birthday. Still, I grew up with butlers, nannies, drivers, and bodyguards who treated me like a princess, and I indeed always got my ways. I was also protected from the outside world, but I desired my own freedom...
  12. I have been having a hard time still trying to change some things in my web and blog but the good news is my first Testimony got published! https://tiaspage.com/my-story-pt-1/
  13. I believe so. Thank you & nice to meet U!
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