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  1. 777t


    Aloha Faith Family! I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and continue to carry the celebration to the world. My first faith-based children's book was published on THANKSGIVING day, on Barnes & Noble. It seems to be free to view the eBook. I would like to invite and ask all of you to a honest positive reviews and please spread the word. If you decide to purchase, I would like to say thank you in advance. 10% of the revenue will be going to help the Chrisian churches in Glendale, Ca. ❤️ https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-journey-of-princess-tia-tia-jh/1135193378?ean=2940163164165
  2. Hi Lucian, sending you the link now... Thanx & God Bless!
  3. Hi, Violet! I sent you a link! Have a beautiful day!
  4. Hello Faith Friends! I would like an honest review on my short story, please. Anyone interested?
  5. Just told @Sunny Thank you @Alley!!!
  6. I have a guy who does book illustration and mines came out sooooo good that I wanted to share with some of you who might be needing one soon! Let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Hi. My current illustrator just worked on a couple of the pages for my upcoming children's book. Did you want more information? feel free to ask me...
  8. Hello, my fellow brothers and sisters. Is anyone interested in cross-promoting, donating, or contributing to my blog page? I am looking to get some heartfelt stories and inspirational messages to the outsiders and insiders like us! ❤️ My page is tiaspage.com Thanks to Beverly who already shared one of her stories!
  9. Hello KR Thank you so much for your input! Parents were busy with multiple businesses and obligations...
  10. 777t

    Beyond The Doubts

    Lynn Thank You.
  11. 777t

    Prayer Works

    YES! I JUST WROTE ABOUT THIS.... https://tiaspage.com/beyond-the-doubts/ ❤️
  12. https://tiaspage.com/beyond-the-doubts/ THANK YOU FOR VIEWING! ❤️
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