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  1. Hi- I am a new author from Wisconsin. I have a children’s picture book published called “Barney Goes to the Horse Show”. It is a story about a horse we had who was abused and came to live with us as a yearling. The girl in the story is a representation of all my girls, especially those who love horses. However, her backstory is that she is also an orphan and lives with a foster family. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this book goes towards a ministry that our friends run called “Horses For Orphans” in Brazil. The other book that has just released is called “The Identity Effect.” It is a collection of stories from women who have found their identity in Christ. There are 20 authors in all in this book. We obtained the #1 in new releases!!! I have an author page on Facebook, Vicki Reinke. If you would like to check it out, please say hi and that you met me here. I would love to hear from other children’s book authors/illustrators and also people who have written some inspirational things. Blessings, and looking forward to meeting you all!! Vicki
  2. Thank you everyone!! I am looking forward to learning a lot from this group!!! Looks like TONS of learning opportunities!!!
  3. Hi Beth!! I am also new to the group! I am happy to meet you and will look up your book on Amazon- this sounds like a great book!!
  4. Hi Anastasia! Welcome! I am also new to the group and I am a mom of LOTS of teens!! Hehe... I have 9 kids and the youngest are now all officially teens. My kids range in age from 13 to 31 with 2 Grandbabies and another on the way. I would love to help you in anyway I can, but I see that you are a much more prolific writer than I am!! Maybe you can encourage me!! I write children’s books and a blog. Glad to meet you!!
  5. Hi!! I’m new to the group and a recently published children’s book author. I have other children’s books in the works and a novel. Would love to hear others’ experiences with writing children’s books- especially those who want to write children’s chapter books. I have a blog Horses Dirt and Motherhood if anyone is interested. My children’s book is called, “Barney Goes to the Horse Show” and I have other Barney books in the works along with some other animal themed stories. Blessings, Vicki
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