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  1. Well, it's not a book, but the Avatar the Last Airbender movie was likely the biggest disappointment of my life.
  2. @RADerdeyn I don't know why I didn't get a notification that you responded to thinks, but thanks so much for these resources!! I've heard of Chris Fox and I've been watching his videos and applying his advice since the start of my author journey, and it's been helpful! However I haven't heard of Nick Stephenson, so I'm going to give him a listen! The frustrating thing for me is that I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. I think I'm applying everything I'm being told, but clearly there's something that I'm missing. If I had some money to blow, I'd hire someone like Chris Fox for
  3. @Thomas Davidsmeier This is helpful information thanks! I don't know of any online forums other than this site, but I personally have built a list of 500 subscribers. They aren't very engaged though. Learning how to get email subscribers that actually care about your work is extremely challenging I'm finding.
  4. Thanks, E.T.! I honestly have considered getting an agent for my next books. It seems that I’m just ill equipped to navigate the marketing side of publishing. At the very least, I should probably hire a consultant.
  5. I've heard every author and their mom swear by having an email list. Everywhere I go, the advice is always to build your email list as your first step. The problem is, I've built an email list two times, the first time up to 1500 subscribers, and now I'm up to 500 again, and it has done absolutely no good. I've tried tweaking it over and over again, I've tried changing the onboarding sequence and following successful authors' advice for how to convert subscribers to readers, and nothing changes. They only ever click on free stuff. Literally 0 subscribers left a review when I gave away ARC copi
  6. Thanks, @EClayRowe and @E.T. Newman! I will definitely take this advice!
  7. That's a great point too! Thank you both for your input!
  8. Thanks! This is where I was leading. My only question is, what does the market for Christian Fantasy look like? Should I market to secular readers as well but still brand myself as a Christian Fantasy author?
  9. Hi, everyone! Excited to stumble upon this community. I've been an author for about four years, and I've been looking forward to joining a writer's group where I can grow as a writer and a believer! Thanks for letting me join!
  10. I would consider my books to be not preachy at all. I have no idea who my readers are, honestly, other than the also boughts on Amazon. I have had a very difficult time learning how to market and what my target audience is.
  11. I'd like to know if any other authors struggle with this, because I always am. I have a difficult time knowing how to brand myself. On the one hand, I believe a lot of my books would be appealing to secular readers who enjoy books like Artemis Fowl, and some of my other books would appeal to readers of secular books like Name of the Wind, and so forth. However, my books are obviously Christian, and I make no apology about it. But one of the reasons I write Christian Fantasy is because I want to share the gospel through story. I'd love nothing more than to reach secular readers and
  12. I've struggled with this as well. One of the things I try to do is make a clear distinction between the real God, and my fictional representation of God. C.S. Lewis did this in the most brilliant way possible in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, when Aslan told Lucy that he exists in the "real" world, but he's known by a different name there, and his desire is for Lucy to know him by his true name. Almost like breaking the fourth wall, Lewis reminds us that Aslan is merely a fictional representation of the real thing, and we ought to not confuse the two. The way I see it, it
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