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  1. Where can we buy your book from? Also, would you mind sharing the steps you took to self-publish it? Is it print on demand or something like that? 🤔
  2. You don't need editing to self-publish.
  3. My guess is that they made it long and convoluted on purpose. Many people don't understand it, and that's how lawyers / attorneys get more business. The law also made an additional position called "data protection officer", which is required for all companies, thus creating jobs for people who graduated from law school.
  4. I watched the first three videos from that series and decided to quit because . Obligatory rules? In Post-Postmodern literature? Really? When most creative writing courses out there teach writers to break the rules? ?
  5. That might be a wrong link, as it's taking me to my Gmail inbox.
  6. You're quite talented. What do you use to make these? Do you have a drawing tablet or...? ?
  7. Some of these look interesting. Is the last one about gossiping?
  8. Congratulations! Is military service mandatory for you or are you volunteering?
  9. I guess I'm not a nerd, eh? I haven't watched Game Of Thrones (except for some scenes that were available online) or Star Wars (maybe I saw one of two movies when I was a kid, but I don't remember much from it and I was never a fan of the series). As for the Marvel Avengers universe, I've only seen a few of the first movies (the first Avengers and the Captain America one), and then I lost interest in them. I did watch some of the X-Men movies though. X-Men seems a bit more interesting than the Avengers. Don't worry. I'm sure that there will be plenty of new superhero movies in the future.
  10. How do you see writing Biblical historical fiction in light of Revelation 22:18-19? Aren't expanding the events from The Old Testament into novels, and adding fictional elements to the biographies of characters from the Bible by using our imagination, forms of adding to Scripture, which is something we are prohibited to do?
  11. From what I've noticed on various online sites and forums, there seems to be a lot of division within Christianity. There are members of each of the major Christian denominations (Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Protestantism) who go as far as to reject the right of people from other denominations to call themselves "Christians". When it comes to Christian fiction, do denominational differences matter? And if yes, to what degree? Does it influence publishing houses? Where do we draw the line in regards to what we consider Christian fiction and what is heretical literature? If an Orthodox or a Catholic were to write a contemporary novel with characters who are priests, nuns or monks, engaging in Orthodox or Catholic-specific doctrinal rituals (confession, Eucharist, veneration of saints etc.), would that be published by a Protestant publishing house? If so, would it be labeled as "Christian fiction"? To give a concrete example, would you consider the novel "Letters to Saint Lydia" Christian fiction? It's a Orthodox novel about a girl who tries to communicate with a deceased saint (Saint Lydia) through letters. You can read the blurb on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Letters-Saint-Lydia-Melinda-Johnson/dp/1936270080
  12. Ah, gotta love the Protestant version of approaching guilt! That guy is so energetic in all of his videos. I wonder why he has the comments section turned off on his videos.
  13. Such an interesting coincidence... ?️
  14. Congratulations on having your story selected as story of the week on that website! I read the "about the author" paragraph at the end of the story, and I discovered a link to your YouTube channel. I took the liberty of checking it out and subscribing. I really enjoyed the video about God coming down and dying for us. Keep creating amazing content, both in writing and in video form! ?
  15. Well, have you figured out whether you're a pantser or a plotter? Many creative writing courses advise beginners to figure out what works best for their writing process: to write a detailed outline or to "fly by the seat of their pants". Personally, I'm more of a plotter. I have found out that writing without an outline almost always leaves me with unfinished works.
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