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  1. I have 4 Christmas short stories and 4 Christmas poems. Any suggestions on any publications that accept Christmas material. Thank you.
  2. Thank you. Your suggestions have helped me narrow it down.
  3. So what website provider do you suggest?
  4. Question. I want to set up a website that I can post informative stories about the region i live in and use it to promote some ebooks online and printed form of books to be sold from local businesses. Is there a single self publishing platform that offers to print on demand, to publish ebooks and offer to help set up a website for promoting my works? Am I asking to much from one source? Or do I have to go to Kindle for one, Wordpress for another...etc? Thank you for any advice offered.
  5. It's exciting to see how the "Christian " movies are evolving into higher quality productions. The video, story line and soundtracks have reavhed the point where i myself look forward to the next movie. They reflect the talent and hard work that our brothers and sisters use to further share the Word. Those of you that share your own work on this site should be encouraged to know that the world is hungry to hear your expressions about God . It maybe your poem or story that finally makes that breakthrough. Don't give up, ...
  6. Beachwalker


    Just a reminder. Sometimes it's months or even years before you discover the results of your encouraging words. But if someday,you are fortunate enough to see the results of your encouragement,...it will be as much a blessing to you as it was to them.
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