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  1. When I wrote my book, I questioned it myself. I had to go to counseling to figure it out. I wouldn’t blame anyone if they did question it, as I tried to tell myself for years it was all coincidence. I had to realize that nothing is coincidence and it is all God’s plan.
  2. I did not read my response. I understand those who think it’s against the Bible. I had that thought myself! But, it’s my reality. Through Christian counseling, I have learned it was God’s will and I just see it before others. I can’t change it. I am not a psychic, I only use that word because others call me that. I prefer visionary.
  3. I had to say that God set it. Trust me, this sucks. Every day I wish that I had “figured out” what I was seeing. I’ve had to learn to accept that this was Gid’s Will. I as not to change it. I was to find the food and pass on his message. God is good!
  4. I do not have psychic ability. I am a visionary. It is set to be. I just see it before the rest of us see it, but it is set.
  5. Congrats!!! It is all about seeing signs and believing in them. Can’t wait to have a chance to read it!
  6. I came here to read others’ books, excited to read❤️
  7. I wrote it under my sister’s name. My sister was a writer and she always wanted to publish a book. It is coming up on the ten year anniversary of her passing, and this is my tribute to her. A book published under her name!
  8. Thank you! I’m excited to share and read others’ work!
  9. Thank you very much. It can be hard. I had to look for the good in the dream, which was the fact that she was happy and flipping around in heaven. I got to tell her mother that and it made her smile.
  10. My daughter is a cheerleader and the book is written in loving memory a girl on her team who passed away. I had a vision of the passing. The title is a play on words, but it is explained inside the book. Thanks for looking!
  11. I just joined and I’m hoping to swap stories with some people!
  12. It is a true life story of having faith in God through the tough times. I lost my sister nine years ago. She sends me visions of things soon to come. One haunts me to this day, as I watched my friend’s daughter fly into heaven.
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