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  1. Good evening everyone my name is Brian Chambers I'm 21 years old I have 4 brothers and 6 sisters and I'm also the third youngest. Growing up was hard for my siblings and I as a 10 year old I've always been an Endurer even when I didn't even know what that was. When I was 10 I Watch my aunt pass away from breast cancer saw my cousins go through foster care getting separated from one and other. Just going through that was shocking. When I turned 11 years old my stepfather was found in our bathroom around 2am in the morning deceased from a heart attack. I saw my older siblings try CPR but he was already gone. At the age 12 we moved to Pacoima Valley to try something new that didn't work out. In Pacoima it was mostly Hispanics and they hated blacks so with my family being black they would always cause problems until we couldn't take it anymore and fought back but that made things worse they wanted to kill us so we were forced to emergency transfer. We moved to Watts CA on my 13th birthday I didn't know anyone but that didn't matter so we made a new home. A year later we Lost our mother due to Stress so she had a stroke and was pronounced brain dead. Once our mother passed we were lost and it was nothing but caous. Everyone went their own way all 11 of us would never be close like we once were.
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