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  1. Okay, I've done that before, and it sounds good and more than fair to me. Am I established enough on the site to get started immediately?
  2. Before I address the overall question here, I don't necessarily consider autism an illness either, myself being on the higher-functioning end of the spectrum. It definitely has its challenges, but to an extent, I agree it is just a different way of perceiving the world and thinking about or responding to it. As for the story itself, at least two books, the history behind the first couple of stories I'm writing, take place over time periods of centuries, and some of those characters and their challenges continue through the majority of the timeline. Other characters don't survive to modern day, but the challenges of their genetics or the problems in their families are carried on through the circumstances of the lives of their descendants. It is a massive undertaking, and I admit it's intimidating now that you've pointed it out, but that's part of what's so exciting and fulfilling about my stories, too. It's so fascinating and fun seeing all of these challenges work out and come together.
  3. Having some fun character intros sounds like a good way to pique a bit more reader interest, but I'd be careful with those, too; you don't people stealing or ripping off the stars of your story. Granted, no characters are truly original anymore, but still, better safe than sorry.
  4. Actually, Lynn, it turns out I can't view the rules; a message keeps saying I'm not yet allowed in that part of the forum. I guess I should've spoken up yesterday, but I thought I fully understood what the requirements are. Would you please run them down for me?
  5. I understand the first two, but I'm a bit confused as to "Global Life Value arc". Do you mean how all life, mental challenges or no, has value, or are you talking about the value the narrative has with being able to be valid on a global scale? Or both, maybe?
  6. Yes, it is, but I'm confident I can handle them all with enough help. It also helps that not all of the characters appear or go through their struggles at the same times; my novel series is spread out over a time period of a little less than two millenia.
  7. Yes, that's what I'm trying to do, especially since I have first-hand experience with many of these illnesses. They tend to fascinate me, too; the human mind and heart are so incredibly complex!
  8. I'm including major depression, dissociative identity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder as the main illnesses. I also have a couple of characters with Asperger's disorder and high-functioning autism, and another who might be bipolar. I might include others, too, but we'll see.
  9. One of the big themes in my stories are Christian and non-Christian characters who have to endure and fight through various mental and emotional problems, while hopefully finding God and doing His will along the way. I've done quite a bit of research, myself being my primary case study as it were, but does anyone here have any other advice, questions, or comments?
  10. Everyone here's given great advice. What I did with the story I'm about to finish is, since I'm kind of between a pantser and a plotter, figure out the world and the characters first, get a grip on the general story, have a general ending in mind, and try to write a little every day, especially on the weekends when I have the most time. I fit bouts of research in every so often, too, for however long it took. Please don't think I'm bragging, but since this story is fairly short, it took me around five-and-a-half months to write about one hundred and forty-three pages. I also went back and did some heavy editing as I went, which I don't particularly recommend, unless that's your style, since it can really slow you down.
  11. Another thing you might try is something like iDrive, an automatic backup for your computer like the Cloud. That way, your backups can be scheduled regularly and automatic.
  12. I'm no expert, but I think I'd err on the side of caution, especially with how shady people on the internet can be in today's age. Maybe put a summary of your story on your website, so long as there's obvious copyright warnings and maybe a watermark in the background?
  13. Neat! I'll have to check them out sometime. Thanks for the suggestion!
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