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  1. Thanks for your response! Actually, a lot of smaller presses will accept unsolicited manuscripts. I've published all of my books that way (as unsolicited proposals), 2 for P&R Publishing, and 2 for Wipf & Stock. So, if you're interested, there are small publishers that won't require the use of a literary agent, though I'm sure there are still benefits to having one. I'll look into the Literary Marketplace, too! Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate your support and thoughtfulness!!
  2. Yes, yes. I believe you're right, Steven. I'm sure I need to hear this, even if I don't want to I also think I need to be a better steward of my time, discerning when I need to be giving my attention to my family vs. my writing, and finding the best balance so that I can commit to these sorts of engagements. I appreciate your thoughts here.
  3. That is great advice, and it fits well with what I have experienced professionally. The trouble that I encounter is that, in addition to having a full-time job, I have three little kids and a wife who also has a career. It’s very very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to get away to a conference like this. So, I’m hoping that for the moment I can find someone that can work with me where I am. But we will see. Thank you again for this insight.
  4. Thanks, Lynn! That's helpful. I hope I can get some more engagement here. And no, I haven't looked in the The Christian Writers Market Guide 2019. But I just perused it, and it seems very practical, a wealth of resources, so I bought the Kindle version. I'm excited to dive in! Really appreciate your suggestions here!
  5. I'm brand new to this website and excited to start building some relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ! I'm currently working on a few book projects and have only published with smaller traditional publishers at this point. I'd like to find an agent so that I can pitch some ideas to larger publishers. But I'm very new to this. Does anyone have any resources for published authors looking to pick up and work with a literary agent for the long haul? Anything is appreciated! Thank you!!
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