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  1. Glad to meet you Joyce. I'm a first time author as well and I'm really blessed to be in a forum like this one. ?
  2. Thanks a lot for your encouragement. One challenge I encountered in this entire process was editing. I'm not a prolific writer. I just wrote what I believe God wants me to share and I hope and pray that His message gets across to any reader. After probably editing more than 10 times back and forth, plus using Grammarly, the book is finally published. BUT... I can see maybe one or two typo errors, hahahaha! Nothing much I can do now. I started working on my second book but I think I really need a professional editor. Can someone recommend somebody? God bless you... Ramil
  3. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I'm a new member of christianwriters.com. My very first book "Quiet Waters" just got published (yesterday it's out in Amazon), it's through self-publishing. The whole process was a roller coaster, haha! I haven't formally launched it though. I just want to touch base with some of you and maybe ask some tips and if you can bless with some advices as well. God bless you and I'm blessed to be in this forum. Ramil Carmen Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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