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  1. Brilliant, thanks for this.
  2. Website of Clarke D. Emervane.
  3. Appreciate this. Such consolation in the smallness that we are.
  4. Hi Martin, I've recently written on this subject; hoping these excerpts might be of help: "The problem of preventing bad art, or of the elite being the sole judges of what is called art, is that the rest of us no longer try. But that which is mature is preceded only by that which is immature and often failing. It truly is as if three-year Alfred looked up at his forebears and thought, ‘I am as a grasshopper in their sight, I must return from whence I came.’ If the seed of the artist has been sown in some soul by God, then let nobody stop his brush from magnifying the divine." "Not always will our art be shared; perhaps foremost our art helps us on our journey, distilling our thoughts and making sense of our way. Perhaps we should also remember that there remains for the believer foremost an audience of One, whose heart takes delight in the praise of his children."
  5. Hi Joshua, What a great idea to open up the parables to children! Unfortunately I don't think my style will at all fit what you're after, not being in the 'children's Bible illustration' style. However, I certainly hope all goes well with it, and I'd be interested to know when it's done! Clarke.
  6. Hi Joshua, Depending on what you're looking for, I may be able to help, as I'm after some more side-projects at the moment. Would be interested in more details if you could share. Clarke.
  7. Clarke

    Clarke Here

    Thanks very much for the welcome, Sarah! It's appreciated. That's quite a breadth of genre you write. May God use your work also!
  8. Clarke

    Clarke Here

    Thanks for the welcome! Was hoping for some promotion, actually; certainly curious to know what mix of writers come here.
  9. Clarke

    Clarke Here

    Ah! Sorry, bit slow on the uptake there. Thanks Nicholas!
  10. Clarke

    Clarke Here

    Arthur? Thanks very much for the welcome!
  11. Clarke

    Clarke Here

    Hi all, thanks very much for the warm greetings! Apologies for my absent mindedness; I generally write fantasy, however the pieces I've finished are a bit of a mixed bag with regards to form.
  12. Hi, This is Clarke here. Regretfully I cannot fly or fire laser beams from my eyes. Nonetheless, I am most grateful to have that supernatural sight of the invisible God. That is the impetus of my writing. I'm very interested to know who is here on these forums, and what it is that you write (fantasy/blog/website/essays etc.). That way, I hope I can know you, and not just you me! Clarke.
  13. Thanks Nicola and Lynnmosher, I appreciate the responses. Will certainly be having a look at the documentary you suggested. It's encouraging to know that literacy is on the increase. Even if we do lose something in the process (bring back the interrobang and irony point!), it means communication is more free. I especially think this is worth being happy over when it relates to the spread of the gospel. Nicole, would you say that the exclamation in the modern/electronic English could be substituted for the emoji smiley? Very interesting thread!
  14. I find it particularly interesting how English has changed even in our own lifetimes. It could almost be said that the abbreviated/emoji English is a dialect of its own. I do think, though, that we have lost some of the tenderness and inflection of the language when we feel it necessary to end a message with either a smiley or an exclamation. Do you think (a) it might be rightly said that we can no longer discern the warmth of a text through its content; the exclamation is in point the subject, or (b) that modern English has truly changed, and we should adapt accordingly (or (c) that I am mad)? I ask as an honest inquiry, as I have struggled when writing emails in particular, how to respond when it has felt unnatural to add an exclamation mark to voice intent. Apologies for the seriousness of this post. May I offer some additional exclamations: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. If I might add one which has been particularly of comfort to me, it is that we need never fear repeating what has been said by others. That is to say, we do not need to seek after a novel message, for everything that is beautiful and wondrous is of old. Our delivery and style should ever change and grow, but truth does not. Spurgeon, I think, put it well when he said "there is nothing new in theology, save that which is false."
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