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  1. It took me a minute, but...wow. Her hairdresser did a nice job of coloring her hair.
  2. Jesus spoke in parables, so storytelling for the purpose of edification is not a sin. The prophets used drama as a teaching aid, so acting for the purpose of edification is not a sin. That said, both are often abused.
  3. When revisions get harder because your standards have risen higher.
  4. Are you seeking a call?
  5. Did they give you any specific numbers? I find it difficult to work both on a book and a platform at the same time. Perhaps I will also finish the book first and then dedicate time to the platform.
  6. More shouting isn't working. These mass shootings are elaborate suicides by young, hopeless men. What needs to be raised is the voice of preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  7. Lynn was talking about the entire book, right? I was wondering about the Introduction alone. The Introduction to Piper's Desiring God is around 4000 words. Packer's Knowing God does not have an Introduction. Strobel's The Case for Christ is around 2500 words. How long is too long for an Introduction?
  8. Is there an industry standard for word count in the Introduction of a Nonfiction book?
  9. KMK


    What if your favorite author is Shakespeare? Did he ever say, "If only I could be as good as that Christopher Marlow chap!"
  10. How did you find this publisher? How many other submissions did you make?
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