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  1. I am a teacher now working from home. My wife, my four biological children, and my daughter in law are all doing college from home. My two adopted children and three grandchildren are all doing elementary school from home. And this is supposed to take place in one house? Someone is definitely going to have to work on the toilet!
  2. Do you have the support of your church or other godly counselors? Pastoring and teaching requires a call--an inward call (which you appear to already have), and an outward call. The outward call comes in the form of vetting and approval of mature Christians (usually in the form of the local church). Seminary training is part of, but not a necessary part, the vetting process. A seminary degree does not make you a teacher any more than it makes you a believer. However, we Christians should set a high bar on the quality of what we teach and what we hear, seeing what is at stake.
  3. For people who enjoy such promises, we Christians fall so easily into hand-wringing. Satan saves most of his fear mongering for us, I guess.
  4. No one ever @s me. I feel so left out.
  5. Thanks. I am completely exhausted just reading the list.
  6. I was simply answering your original question as to where this belief comes from. It goes farther than I am willing to, as the Bible is silent on the 'politics' of eternal torment.
  7. The wicked are the children of the devil (Matt. 13:38). The wicked are punished together with the devil and his angels in everlasting fire (Matt. 25:41). Therefore, it is safe to say, the devil rules over his children in hell just as he rules over them in the world.
  8. And its free on kindle unlimited!
  9. I am not sure I understand the question, but the Bible deals a great deal with sexual sin. Model your portrayal of lust in the same manner as the Bible.
  10. This can be done in Word also. I want to like Scrivener, I really do. But Word is...well...Word.
  11. KMK

    Glass music

    More Glass music!
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