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  1. lol. Most have the same mechanism of fooling you into thinking you have to be smart to answer and therefore cause you to overthink when the answer is obvious-- sometimes even in the question itself.
  2. @Alley I have both a MacBook Pro (not published on before--purchased mainly for filmmaking/media) and a HP. Mac has an outstanding video and image resolution compared to my PC, but there are other pros and cons. Not sure if you should get one solely for publishing purposes. If you have any specific questions or want more detail, just let me know!
  3. Congrats! (Have some cake! )
  4. The girl in the back. Yeah. . . Yes. Kinda maybe sorta. I think I appear calm, but have a considerable amount of energy. Not really anymore, but used to! Yup! A little. More like cinematography, but close, because I pay attention to photography for that reason.
  5. Sophie


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