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  1. Hi. Welcome back! And yes, I remember who you are (recognize your pen name)! XD
  2. @Priscilla, you mean a post? Hit "Quote". Or you can highlight the section you want and "Quote Selection" will pop up. Either way.
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    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      Aww! Baby Cookie Monster! 😄

    2. Leah_Donavan



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    2. Sophie


      @Grey_SkiesYep! (Although I’ve never actually participated in NaNo, just the concept writing your novel in a month.) 😃

    3. Grey_Skies


      Oh, that's cool!  I was on NaNo's Young Writer's Program for a little over a year, and most of my time there was very meaningful, but towards the end, it just became really messed up and intolerant, especially on the part of the site moderators.  The fact that even they couldn't be unbiased was ultimately why I finally decided to ditch it.  I think I even started a trend, because a number of the teens on here now came from NaNo shortly after me.

    4. Sophie


      Yes, I had heard about that. Disappointing.  But glad you guys are over here now! 🙂 

  5. Hi! Welcome back!
  6. Hope that gets worked out. . . Praying.
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