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  1. Yes, I do think that no matter how much advertising or publicity you do, it still has to be a good book in the first place.
  2. Contradictions! Yay! I make it my business to find at least one everyday.
  3. https://laughingsquid.com/22-rules-of-storytelling-by-pixar-storyboard-artist/
  4. And then spend hours studying how it was built, how it was done, why it intrigued you...
  5. Oh dear! I’m afraid I didn’t make myself clear. @Alley, now that does sound creepy. 😨. I should have said screenshots of actors and google entries of “red hair” or the like. 😜
  6. Or when your camera roll is full of a bunch of random pictures of actors and someone finds it. And your only explanation is “They look kinda like some of my characters.”
  7. Hi! Nice to meet you. Blessings on your book!
  8. I have to agree with @Johne. My writing schedule kinda sounds the same. I do try to write a thousands words a day, but it really depends on the book and the day. And then, of course, whenever a crazy burst of inspiration hits, I’ll be scribbling down something somewhere. I do better writing at night. Late at night when my brain seems half awake. At that point it’s just the Holy Spirit and the characters running the show without my logic and interference. But, hey, that’s when the story takes over. 🙃
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