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  1. kfoster825

    The Creepy Line

    Wow...just wow. Big Brother really is watching.
  2. kfoster825

    Prayers For Nicola

    @Nicola you and your family are in our prayers.
  3. kfoster825

    Random 2 Coming

    SE...just some of my thoughts on a title. ...Rinse and Repeat: More Random Encouragement In Random Encouragement there is...More Random Encouragement (Truth) Random Encouragement 2: By any Other Name it's Still Random Encouragement Space: The Random Frontier But seriously..... Randomly Magnificence Encouraging Space: Room for Randomness The Ring: Never Ending Magnificence in the Monotonous A Place for Glorious Random Encouragement I don't know if any of this is relevant at all, but perhaps it will still the imagination a bit. Ken
  4. kfoster825

    Library Of Christian Scifi And Fantasy

    Thanks for posting this Nicola! It looks as if this is a great resource to find some good Fantasy/SF novels with Christian themes...something I'm always looking for.
  5. kfoster825

    Review For Wreck It Ralph 2

    I have never heard of plugged in but I am glad it got posted here! There's a lot of stuff out there I don't want my 11 year old exposed to so I'll be checking this site before we head to the movies from now on.
  6. kfoster825

    Faith And Forteana?

    Well said!
  7. kfoster825

    Faith And Forteana?

    As a Christian I absolutely believe in a supernatural world. Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms" (New International Version). That being said I think we have to be careful in how we engage ourselves in this type of stuff (not that I'm saying you are engaging in it!). We're repeatedly and clearly told in the Bible not to become involved with witchcraft, divination, etc. There is a spiritual war I believe that goes on unseen by us but real nonetheless. I think it is important for Christians to always keep their focus on Christ especially when it comes to supernatural forces we cannot understand or have defense against without him. Please do not take this as any kind of accusation or critical attack as it is not meant that way in the least. These are just my thoughts on how I think of the supernatural and how we need to be cautious when examining it. I think it is a good thing for Christians to have conversations about issues like this.
  8. kfoster825

    Prayers For The People Caught In The Alaska Earthquake

    They will be in our prayers.
  9. kfoster825

    Plotter Or Pantser

    I very much agree. I've tried in the past to follow a very strict outline, but somewhere in the middle the story usually takes an unexpected turn and the outline no longer really works. This is where I've been stuck before, so a loose outline that's flexible enough to change as the writing goes on is my plan this go around.
  10. kfoster825

    Plotter Or Pantser

    Wow that looks complex. It has an appeal to my analytical side so I may just have to order the book.
  11. kfoster825

    Plotter Or Pantser

    I love it! I think I may be a plantser too.
  12. kfoster825

    Plotter Or Pantser

    I'm just wondering who likes to use an outline and who just likes to follow the muse and start writing. I myself am considering using Blake Snyder's "Save the Cat" beat sheet to plot my latest novel idea. It's a place to start at least. What do you all think?
  13. kfoster825

    Looking For Some Male Pov

    Hi Alley...I can't seem to PM but I'd be happy to offer my opinions if you like. Also, I've been married happily for 30 years and my wife has complete access to my computer and all my correspondence...otherwise I would not feel comfortable messaging a woman.
  14. kfoster825

    Your Areas Of Expertise!

    While I am a virtual encyclopedia of information (most of it useless ) I'm particularly well versed in: Military life Speak a little Hungarian which sounds strange and exotic to almost everyone since it's only spoken by 15 million or so people world wide. Southern culture/civil war history IT related topics Music - I play piano, guitar, bass, and violin Psychology - going back to school with the aim of becoming a Christian counselor Theology - once again in school, but a long practiced hobby as well Wood working, lamp work, forging ... random hobbies! If anyone could benefit from any of my vast random knowledge let me know !
  15. kfoster825

    Welcome To The Moderating Team, Johne!

    Welcome Johne! I can tell my oldest friends because they're the ones that still call me Kenny

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