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  1. Joyce Long

    New Kid

    Welcome, EllaRose! Someday I'd like to try historical fiction. Now I know who can give advice. For now, I'm teaching in nonfiction.
  2. Happy to meet you, Taylor! It's been snowing here today so Florida sounds mighty fine. Keep living for God and loving the life He's given you.
  3. Welcome, Ken! Keep on praying and writing. My experience is that writing is an act of faith.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, Everyone! It's my first time to be in an online writing community. We've had a critique group here locally for 12 years so that's been good, too. But it's time to branch out.
  5. Hi Rebecca, I'm not sure I qualify for the database since i'm new to this group. I do have two books that could be listed, but I hesitate to do so. Please let me know correct protocol.
  6. Thank you, E Braten! You kept me from spending money that might not be a good investment. I also sent the links to CrossLink Publishing who had sent the list of six book contests, with four receiving the caution review. I appreciate the information.
  7. That's helpful and a great idea, Rebecca.
  8. Hi Everyone! Has anyone used contests to help promote a newly published book? My publisher mentioned these possibilities: www.hofferaward.com; www.forewordreviews.com/services/book-awards/; www.independentpublisher.com; www.usabooknews.com; www.indieexcellence.com; www.nautilusbookawards.com. Because of their entry fees, I'm reluctant to do but one or two. I'm leaning toward www.independentpublisher.com and www.usabooknews.com, but if you've used others to promote your Christian book, let me know. Joyce
  9. Thank you! It's great to find an online forum of likeminded Christian writers.
  10. Hello Christian Writers! Just a short note to introduce myself. I'm a mother of two grown children, a grandmother to three granddaughters two and under, and wife to my husband of 42 years. Time has flown by much too quickly. One of my goals in writing at this stage in life is to capture some of it for posterity, mostly for the future me:) Life is full in Christ Jesus! Abundantly so this year. - Joyce
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