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  1. What have you been doing that dosent fit in the box?! I'd love to hear more!
  2. We have done a lot in Mexico. Mostly in Ensenada, TJ, Mexico City, and Lyon.
  3. My band would travel doing outreach events alongside various churches through the world. We would mostly spend our time working in Europe, but also worked in Thailand, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Belize, Etc... We helped share the Gospel in 35 countries! Pretty insane what God let's us do when we just say yes to open doors.
  4. Hey guys. It was suggested that I do a bit of an introduction here. I've been a member on this site for some time, but just recently rediscovered it. I toured the world in a rock band since 2003, started doing overseas missions with the band in 2009, launched a missions organization called "A Jesus Mission" to help missionaries, musicians, and church planters who did not fit in the normal "missionary" box, and now focus on sending people into the world to equip the found and find the lost. In the writing world I sometimes post to the blog on ajesusmission.org and am about to start a marketing surge aimed at releasing a new book. The book's aim is to push the church forward... specifically believers who've been on the bench for too long. The main concept of the book is that if we understand the mission of Christ, we will be better able to engage in it ourselves. I live in Camas, Washington (near Vancouver, Washington, which is just outside of Portland, Oregon) with my wife of nearly 17 years. We are about to have our first child - a little girl. She is due at the end of January. Outside of those things I play as much golf as possible, am a bit of a coffee nerd, and enjoy earning frequent flyer miles. Nice to meet you all. Andy
  5. Nice! Congratulations. I've had articles published in that before. It's always exciting just to see something you've written formatted and released. Carry on. Andy
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