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Lisa Olsen

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  1. Lisa Olsen

    Need Advice!

    Thank you so much! Such good advice!
  2. Lisa Olsen

    Need Advice!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I am not into science fiction at all😂
  3. Lisa Olsen

    Need Advice!

    Thank you so much, Katherine!
  4. Lisa Olsen


    Hi there, I am new to the forum and just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I am wanting to pursue writing, but am at the very beginning stages here, so not exactly sure where to start or what steps to take. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Lisa
  5. Lisa Olsen

    Need Advice!

    Thank you! As far as a genre, I am not exactly sure. I could see myself writing fiction, but could also see myself writing devo’s, blogs or articles and sharing some of my own story. Thank you for your help!
  6. Lisa Olsen

    Need Advice!

    I have an interest to pursue writing as a Christian, and am open to whatever that looks like with the Lord’s blessing. What do you recommend as a good starting point?

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