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  1. Hi, there are two free chapters on the blog, so you can get a taste of the story. the blurb is. Ghost of the living: Fallen angels Born cursed from birth or so she thought. Genievieve can see the memories of others in all she touches and holds. The ghosts of the living, every painful thing that has happened is layed before her. Sent to Bethlehem mental hospital until she is 18, jenn is now free but soon learns that she must use her powers to stop the raise of demonic influence in london. Only she can find a killer that can move body to body and has a few hundred years of practice.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, i'll let you know how it goes, i have a few lists of christian groups on facebook i will try and maybe try find a blogger or two to mention it. The book has been professionally edited and then proofed again. From my posts you probably see i need an editor! jules
  3. Hi all, i have written the three books for my new series, cover is done for first and editing, now i'm trying to build an ARC group. I want to find around 20- 50 people who will; read the preview copy and post the review to amazon, on the launch day. Any ideas on where to offer my book? I was thinking facebook groups and goodreads? anywhere else? www.julius-schenk.com
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