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  1. DonnieQuest

    Thanksgiving Fun

    Speaking of timing, and decorations, here are pictures of my driveway ... Right Before Halloween and between Halloween and Thanksgiving.
  2. DonnieQuest

    Sewing Seeds To Be Screened!

  3. DonnieQuest

    Prayers Please!

    Praying for them!
  4. DonnieQuest

    Help Me Understand My Responses

    Thanks, Alley. I had not considered NaNoWriMo. Also, my wife and I homeschooled both of our two children so, I have a pretty good idea how hectic your life can be. Good luck with that! Don
  5. DonnieQuest

    Help Me Understand My Responses

    Thanks, Rebecca, for these insights. I agree with you that it is only fair to ask people for critiques if I have taken the time to offer critiques to others. I have tried to do that and have left several comments on others requests for critique. I have to admit that I am a little hesitant to critique others with any authority because I am a novice writer and am still in the early stages of studying the craft. But I try to offer reflections on what I personally like or what may not my taste. I can also offer suggestions when I, as a reader, get lost or do not follow or understand something. Thanks again for responding. Don
  6. Please, I am not upset (with just the written word to go on, posts can sometime seem that way), I am just simply trying to understand the cues I am receiving. This is an honest question, not a rant. I am open to any advice offered. When I posted the Prologue and Chapter 1 of the novel I am working on, I received 40 views and 13 responses (albeit some of those were me saying "thank you"). That was pretty good and I got some good feedback. When I posted my second chapter, I only received 9 views and only 1 real response. It says 2, but again 1 of them was me saying "thank you." How should I interpret these numbers? It seems to me like, with so few reads and only 1 response, the readers on this site are either not interested in my subject or do not like my writing style. I do not want to bother people with posts they are not interested in. Other then some very kind praise, I received little feedback. So, my immediate reaction would be to stop posting. But before I did that I thought I would ask the question. Receiving 9 views is encouraging, I suppose, but with no responses or even "likes" to go on, I just don't know how to interpret what I am seeing. Can some of you veterans coach me on this? Should I stop posting this story or keep going? Thanks for your input. Don
  7. DonnieQuest

    How Important Is Chapter Length?

    Alley, thanks for sharing. This really makes a lot of sense to me, and I would like to add one other point that is not made on the video. I recently retired from a career as a corporate training and development officer at a fairly large company. One concept we have noticed in the training and education world is that people seem to respond better to information they receive in smaller, more easily digestible packets; not necessarily because they have a short attention span but because they are busy. Said differently, there is so much more information competing for our attention these days that, our readers may be time challenged. So, today's readers may find it easier to enjoy our work if we can present it to them in a manner that fits with our fast-paced, information overload world. One way to do that may be to give them little respites of joy using manageable chapter lengths. Don
  8. DonnieQuest

    Write A Better Story

    Agreeing with what has already been said, my prologue took more than three drafts! 😊 Granted I am a newbie writer who doesn't know what he is talking about but, I certainly agree with ...
  9. DonnieQuest


    Welcome, Lisa!
  10. DonnieQuest

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    Now there's a really good question! Thanks, Lynn! Also, thanks, EBraten!
  11. DonnieQuest

    Real Name Or Pseudonym?

    Great advice, all. Thanks to all of you for responding. 😊 I am leaning towards using a pen name. Don
  12. DonnieQuest

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    Having read the posts above, I have been considering whether a blog is right for me and wondering if anyone would be interested in a blog about my book. Here are some thoughts on what I might include. What do you think? Would you be interested? My book is about the fictional stories of the real-life person of St. Nicholas when he was in his twenties. These are the fictional adventures of young Nicholas of Patara, defining moments in the life of a young man whose legend would eventually become Santa Claus. In a blog, I might include things like: Articles about Christmas from that time period and some of the traditions that evolved into Christmas as we know it today. Christmas themed short stories (backstories) that will allow my readers to sample my writing style but also get to know my characters and what led them to the timeline of the book. Short stories about the actual town that St. Nicholas grew up in. Articles about life in 300 AD Rome (actually Lycia in what is now known as Turkey). A map of the town showing actual buildings (from archeological records) and the fictional buildings and places that will be referenced in the story. Along with the other contests, freebies, etc. mentioned in the posts and articles above. Is this the kind of stuff that goes into a writers blog? Would any of you be interested in a blog like this? Would it be worth the work? Don
  13. DonnieQuest

    Real Name Or Pseudonym?

    Would anyone like to share some thoughts on whether an author should publish under their real name or a pseudonym? What do you see as the pros and cons of either? The reason I ask is that I am considering my first book launch for Christmas 2019 and need to start working on my website, blog, etc. So, now would be a good time to be making this decision. I tend to be a relatively private person and am considering using a pseudonym. Any words of advice? Thanks in advance. Don
  14. DonnieQuest

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    Thank so much, Lynn, for both of these. They are very helpful. Based on everything I have been reading, and your suggestions, I think Wordpress is definitely the way to go.
  15. DonnieQuest

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    Okay, I have been following this discussion and I believe I am getting the basic pros and cons here. Assuming, for the moment, that I would like to start my own blog, do any of you have any good sites or references for the basics of how to start and maintain a writers blog? I know there is a lot about blogs and blogging out there on the internet, but I was hoping for some advice that pertains specifically to writers; things like best platforms for writers, building and audience for a book release, things like that. Thanks in advance for any suggestions on where to start and how to proceed. Don

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