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  1. Hello everyone! I was encouraged to come over to the "Meet & Greet" to introduce myself. In short, I am a Christian husband and father who works for a pro-life/pro-family organization in Illinois. I am also an ordained minister in my local church and a committeeman in my local community. I am looking for a great writer or two to contribute articles to our website and newsletters. Blessings!
  2. I am looking for one or two great contract bloggers/writers to contribute regular articles for our websites and print newsletter. (600 to 800 word average. Longer is acceptable.) All candidates should possess: Excellent writing, editing, and researching skills Strong communication and organizational skills Understanding of conservative cultural and political issues Biblical worldview If you are interested, please send a couple of writing samples and a short biography to me as soon as you are able. You can email me at ifiaction.org Blessings, Dave Smith
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