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  1. There is a lot of darkness with some people I used to know on an online community, especially with 1 person I used to consider a friend. They are not believers in Christ. I've meant to write a prayer request about this for a long time, but I have put it off because it's a long story that I don't enjoy going into. But today I am personally feeling urged to pray more about it. They have badly mistreated many people, including me, and I would say they've helped cause psychological damage for some people. And they are too deeply self-absorbed in their own egos and malice to recognize it. And they're not usually overt about it, which makes it easier for them to deny. It's still bothered me for a long time, though I've avoided making an issue about it for anyone. I've just had to deal with it in my own mind. And I'll admit, it has also seemed silly to me, to let myself be so bothered about something that has happened on the internet. But another part of me believes it should be taken seriously. I will come back to this thread later with more details. I just wanted to go ahead and say this much for now. In fact, if no one here minds, I may even gradually update this thread with more and more details as they come back to me, if I feel the need to, to get them off my chest.
  2. There are a lot of hilarious images here. The middle-earth films are my favorite series of films. Unfortunately, I have admittedly still not read the books yet, though I do own them.
  3. Two times in my life, God has spoken directly into my mind - not in language/words, but just a sort of direct communication of knowledge, but I could recognize that it was He who was speaking it. Both times, he saved me from perhaps two of the worst experiences of mental suffering in my life, giving me severely-needed reassurance and in one case warning me about someone before I discovered in person they had turned on me. God has also answered my prayers a number of times throughout life.
  4. I joined here yesterday, and was advised to write an introductory post, so here it is. I'm not the most talkative person, but I may post on this forum occasionally. I had realized that I needed to be present on more Christian communities in my time spent on the internet. Often I've had trouble finding a common interest I might share with other Christians. But I've always liked storytelling, so I googled for forums for Christian writers, and that is how I found this place.
  5. This is a very nice article. It touches on some questions I've often wondered myself.
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