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  1. Shadowjess

    Prayers For Nicola

    I'm praying.
  2. Shadowjess

    Just For Giggles ...

    That's funny! You do have to be careful with spell check (or auto correct) 😜
  3. Shadowjess

    Coming Out Of "inactivity"

    Welcome back!
  4. Shadowjess

    Site Updates

    It is indeed looking wonderful! Good job! I'd give you a cookie, but all I have are the rasins 😝
  5. I'm in the midst of writing a message and thumb up to edit something and the banner pops up, which I hit (often). It obscures a good portion of the screen, especially with the keyboard up. I'm not sure if it's me or the website (which, other than the peek a boo banner, is awesome!) screenshot for reference.
  6. Shadowjess

    Hello To All From Tennessee!

    Welcome to the forums Ken!
  7. Shadowjess

    I Give Thanks For ...

    Welcome to the family Melly! ❤️
  8. Shadowjess

    Happy Turkey-leftover Day!

    No kidding! If they come to your house, can they come to mine? 😝
  9. Shadowjess

    Happy Turkey-leftover Day!

    Photoshop makes those sandwiches 😝
  10. Shadowjess

    Happy Turkey-leftover Day!

    It's prepare turkey for the rest of the week eating day here usually it's turkey canning day, but we're a little too tired this year.
  11. Shadowjess

    I Give Thanks For ...

    It does. Thank you! 😊
  12. Shadowjess

    I Give Thanks For ...

    I give thanks for our loving Heavenly Father, my crazy family, and my family in Christ I have found here ❤️ ..And the crazy child singing into her daddy's flashlight which doubles as a phone.
  13. Shadowjess

    Random Silly #4 Thanksgiving Edition!

    That's what we usually do. Mom cans them all for the winter after we spend a day processing.

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