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  1. Hi EvaMaria! Nice to meet you My opinion doesn't count for anything because I've never written a memoir, but I would say write it in a way that builds the theme. I would assume that the theme is why you're writing it, and you would want to emphasize that theme.
  2. HK1

    suggestion box Bible Discussions

    That is a great idea!
  3. HK1

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    Just keep writing to glorify God. Everything else will fall into line
  4. HK1


    Hi! Nice to meet you
  5. That's good! You'll find a good one!
  6. I'm so sorry! Even if he disagreed with your manuscript, he had no reason to be that rude about it. I've never submitted anything to an editor. I'm not to that point yet I'd say you should try another publisher/editor. Don't let this bad experience discourage you. I'll be praying that you find a good editor.
  7. Praying for them all!
  8. HK1


    I've heard of them and have read some of their fiction books. I'm not impressed with the non-fiction they publish. It's mostly prosperity gospel stuff.
  9. HK1

    Hey, Everyone!

    Hi Sophie! Nice to meet you
  10. HK1

    Many Pov

    I'd say that max would be 4 or 5, but I could be wrong.
  11. HK1

    Plotter Or Pantser

    It depends on where I'm at in the writing process. At the beginning, I have a plot written out. Normally. By about halfway through, the written-out plot is gone, and I'm just writing
  12. HK1


    Hi Carmen! Nice to meet you
  13. HK1

    Coming Out Of "inactivity"

    Welcome back, Linda! Nice to meet you
  14. HK1

    Your Areas Of Expertise!

    I don't think so at all! All of it seems very helpful.

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