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  1. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    Yup. Most of the authors I meet, tell me they either don't have time or shouldn't have to.
  2. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    Conferences Critique group Mentor All of which, most writers don't do. .
  3. Steven Hutson

    Seo Free Video Course By Yoast

    Over time, the other search engines will pick up your site. You'e in this for the long haul, yes?
  4. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    The best safeguard: After you've been networking in the biz for a while, you will know who's who for anything you will ever need. In this way, you'll never need to call a stranger. Everyone you need, will already be a vetted friend or colleague.
  5. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    I don't. But it's a good first step.
  6. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    Yes, that's what I meant. But I don't think it helps anyone, just to say "these crooks exist." Without naming names, it only makes the novice fearful and distrusting of everyone. Which is no help at all.
  7. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    I don't understand. Can you name a few?
  8. Steven Hutson

    More Scammers To Watch For

    From the website from PubPreppers, one of the companies advertised on this site: 100% Royalties – Many claim to do this but, if you read the fine print, their claims are not true. What they really mean is 100% of what’s left after everybody else takes their cut. That’s what everybody does but some firms are dishonest by trying to make authors think they’re getting 100% of the list price when a copy of their book sells. Earn 100% of the dollars sent to you directly by distributors and retailers by truly being your own publisher! Strange boast. When you sell a book to a distributor or retailer, that money is not a royalty. It's a sale. (And you can do this with ANY self-pub vendor! Nothing special here.) So I can't tell how their deal is any better than the competitors they criticize here. As for distributor sales: If you want a distributor (Ingram, BT, Anchor) to handle your book, it requires many fees and you must accept returns. It's extremely rare.
  9. Steven Hutson

    More Scammers To Watch For

    I'm intrigued. The Writer's Weekly website is filled with ads for pay-to-play publishing. One of these vendors offers referrals to paid editing services. .
  10. Steven Hutson

    The Beast Revelation

    How many countries were there at the time of the writing? Does anyone know? Were there any democracies in the first c? . No, not indelible. But durable enough to last a few days, to prevent anyone from voting twice. Same thing was done in Iraq, after the fall of Saddam. .
  11. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    Got a few names on these, anyone? .
  12. Steven Hutson

    More On Author Scams

    I know dozens of fine editors. And most of them have an email address with gmail, Yahoo, etc. Sounds to me like a strange test. .
  13. Steven Hutson

    Some Motivation For The New Year

    You can post the video here, Nicholas. Holding my breath....now.
  14. Steven Hutson


    No one can answer that question, before you tell us something about you and the book. And no one will be doing you any favors, just to give you a single name. You (not we) need to make that choice, after reviewing a few choices.
  15. That's a good list. Although, I suspect that some of those questions might not be fitting for readers who aren't writers. They don't typically make such a deep analysis.
  16. Steven Hutson

    Writing Journal Articles

    I say, Write what you want to write. Find out which mags are looking for such Submit according to their instructions OR Choose a mag Find out which subjects they need Write and submit according to their specs Honestly, as far as I can tell, that's pretty much all there is. .
  17. Steven Hutson

    Expectations Of Beta Readers.

    I answered the question at hand.
  18. Steven Hutson

    What Is The Best Web Hosting Site?

    (Unless you can afford to hire a pro to maintain it), the best website service is one that you can handle for yourself. But this might mean putting out a few $$ for coaching and/or initial design.
  19. Yup. I have had several. Best way to learn and get ahead, in any and every field or discipline. (And they were all alive when I met them.)
  20. I couldn't disagree more, with #3. Everyone needs a teacher. This is something that Christians should understand, more than anyone. When God called the prophets, he also sent them a human teacher. (Yes, even Jesus.)
  21. Steven Hutson

    Death In Christian Fiction

    I say, write the story you want to write. Then determine later, whether it's fitting for the Christian market.

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