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    Mortified is a story of man /boy who represents us as we are tempted into sin and we struggle with it. The lady is supposed to represent Christ and that we wish to see him but we are too ashamed of our sin that we fall back into temptation. Basically, the story is about the struggles of the temptation in sin.
  2. The clouds swirled around about me as I could hear the radiation of the surface bubbling up. I groaned as my back cracked. My body felt as though it was melting away. Blood was my only comfort. Many times had I thrown myself to the ground of this prison. I could feel the anguish of my broken heart. I regretted every second of the day because of my foolish act. How could I be so stupid of being part of a wicked act? They lied to me and swore to me that I was doing the right thing. I laid on my back and staring at the darkness that still compassed me about. My nostrils widened as I c
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