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  1. So I am currently writing a story with magic. Its has black magic but most of it is used for good. I don't know if you would consider that Christian Fiction. I know in the Bible states: “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars–their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death- Rev. 21:8 The story has elements from Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, and DC/Marvel. I do mention God, the Scriptures, but I don't know if you would consider it "Christian Fiction"? I know some people would not consider it Christian. Mainly because black magic is witchcraft and witchcraft is against God.
  2. It will be a picture book. Its a read out loud. The short summary of it is a crisis in Westcross park. The title is Jamie's Clover. I did publish it on Wattpad. The story should be found in my bio. I do plan on publishing through Amazon or indie publishing company. Hope this helps.
  3. I wrote a story and I am planning on publishing it. I am seeking an illustrator focused on children's books. If you know anyone, let me know.
  4. My family has been using for Avast for years. I highly recommend them.
  5. Your friend thinks your writing is poisoning. Maybe he is right. I have written things I now question why I wrote it. A word of advice, while you write. Think about why you are writing. In your writing, is there is a lesson in your story? Could someone learn something from it? As Christians, we are glorifying God through our gifts He has given us. Thus we should watch what we write. Sure, you can write dark things but take consideration. Would an outsider think your writing reflects your faith? Does cursing or using sexual thoughts need to be necessary in the writing world? Does your stories glorify God? Or does your stories glorify the wicked/sin?
  6. I am thinking of creating an ebook that includes short stories and poetry of mine. What would be a good name for it? Stories are named: Mortified Jamie's Clover Cursed The Secret of the Moon (There will probably be several stories that I haven't written yet.) My collection of poetry was original named Home, A collection of poetry. I currently have it as Journey, A collection of works.
  7. I actually haven't. The main reason is that haven't published my stories to kindle yet. Wattpad was the second place I shared my stories online. The first was my blog. I will probably publish them on kindle probably by the end of the year.
  8. I use Wattpad to share my short stories. If you are trying to expand your audience or even promote a book in the future. It's a great place. I know some indie authors who use this promote their books. Originally Wattpad was made for fan fiction but it has expanded. I have a collection of poetry on there and short stories on it. People even write whole novels on there. It's a great place. I highly recommended it.
  9. So I am currently write a story about a boy who struggles with anxiety. I plan on writing whenever the boy feels like a panic attack or when he is overwhelmed. He will imagine a field of flowers and usually his emotions will create a scene in his head. Such as during the funeral of his father, he imagines this meadow and the sadness and guilty he has. Creates a scene where his father is blaming him for death. Should I keep it or write different scenes to express his emotions? The field of flowers represents a happy place before his anxiety took over and used his happy memory to be against him.
  10. Sunny

    A Crush

    People say you don't know love But you say you do Looking at your sweetheart Through the corner of your eye But not saying a word Not thinking one thing Except maybe I'm in love. Maybe it's not love But liking that special someone Or avoiding that person For long periods of time Since you are afraid Of what she or he will say. Maybe its a category of love Maybe just maybe? Maybe I know nothing of love Since I never been In a relationship? Maybe I am clueless To even notice a difference Between like or love Maybe I'm dumbstruck Maybe or maybe not? Love is this thing Which so hard To explain And songs can never explain it Even if they tried. Or maybe I am just losing it And never will experience This thing we call love. Maybe or maybe not?
  11. Sunny

    Poem Feedback

    If my heart could speak If my life could collapse The world would disappear Into the thinness of nothing If my cold feet Couldn't surface The endless beings Of this world and beyond I would take away everything. My own being, my own mind. My own fears and trusts. Life is like an existing pain with light At the end of the road And we are so afraid Of that light That we cast away In the shadows Of those lost souls That refuse to believe in anything And we become cursed As our souls begin To disappear into thin air.
  12. Or Scales of Blood probably sounds better. XO
  13. Oh, just thought of something, Crown of Blood. XD
  14. I have Battle of Scales Heart of Scales Doom of Scales Choice of Scales World of Scales Crime of Scales Blood of Scales Chaos of Scales Hunt of Scales Demon of Scales Dark Heavens: criminal homeland Fallen Angel The sequel itself is searching for someone and killing the criminal, the struggle of self-control, The story itself symbolizes the battle between light and darkness There is a scene showcases an allegory of Christ destroying death itself. If that means anything, at all.
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