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  1. Thank you, I was trying to figure it out.
  2. All day we ascend and descend from Heaven to the earth below, descending and ascending. We are God’s mighty sword, I’m tired of stalling let us join the fight!” Abdas, God’s living sword said. “You know we must be assigned to this battle by one sanctified. This is not a free for all, but by appointment only,” said the ear of God whose name is Aliya. “So we wait. Wait for this creature to awake from her slumber. According to the timetable of man, it is 1:00 AM; which translates, we are going to miss another battle.” Abdas says with a hint of aggravation. “Patience is a true gift of Jehovah our wondrous creator and we must wait for the call, now stand aside and watch me work.” Aliya placed a left hand of the saint’s heart and whispered, “Awake, I say awake from your slumber and pray.” In human form the angel stood a good ten foot tall, cascading wings covered the angel’s entire body and towered over Aliya’s head a good two feet, a chiseled body smooth as marble looked upon the sleeping saint. The angel removed a perfect hand from her heart and the two of them faded into the fullness of the unseen spirit world. Her eyes fluttered open, as slurred and sleepy words whispered: “Pray for whom?” As her clarity came into focus a name sprang to thought Thomas, Thomas Bentley. Thomas and his wife Amy are a young couple she met last week at her church. As the saint prays: “Father God, I come to you in the Name of Jesus, and I ask you to place a hedge of protection around Thomas. Appoint angels to him who are in the sound of my voice. Father arm them with the spiritual weapons of heaven." And in the Heavenly: Mighty swords were passed to the two warriors and two glorious shields, a breastplate of righteousness and the word of God surrounded them. Meanwhile: Thomas's brown cutlass pulls in front of the lake. As the saint prays: "Send them quickly Lord with your power and might." And in the Heavenly: In an instant, the two angels were delivered to the battle for Thomas’s soul. Meanwhile: Thomas caressed the handle of the revolver, as wild, angrythoughts rushed in his mind. As the saint prays: "Give them the stamina to withstand the wicked-one, tearing down strongholds that stand in his way." And in the Heavenly: The brilliant light that is God arrived with His two mighty warriors causing the demons to lose focus and balance. Meanwhile: Thomas had a glimmer of his wedding day making him smile, if only for a moment As the saint prays: "Lord, I bind generational curses that plague his mind," And in the Heavenly: Swordplay broke out, a battle that mankind could not compare with began, mighty blows and instinctive moves executed with grace and violence rang out in the atmosphere. Meanwhile: His failures flashed before him as life had no meaning, he looked forward to a way to end the insanity. As the saint prays: "Soften his heart to your voice, Lord, and give him the strength to follow your leading." And in the Heavenly: The Heavens shook as two nasty vile creatures lost the battle of evil. Meanwhile: Again he thought of his wife and daughter and tossed the weapon onto the floor-board. As the saint prays: "In your Holy name I pray. Amen" Back at Thomas's home the ringing phone: “Hello! Thomas?” Says Amy, his wife in a panic. “Hello, Dear I’m sorry I should have never stormed out like that.” Says the man in an apologetic tone. “I have never been so scared in my life,” her words were bathed in tears. “I just knew this was the end, your words cut me in a most painful way.” As she relived him yelling he would just kill himself, as gravel and his car flew down the roadway. “I don’t know what came over me, but I’m thankful I didn’t do anything stupid. I promise I’ll never say that again. I’m on my way back home, if you’ll have me.” “Come home to me, tomorrow is a new day for the both of us, and Thomas, I love you.”
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