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Yakira Peace

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  1. Yakira Peace

    Desert Fantasy

    Thanks for the advice! I actually drew a map for my other WIP (which is currently on hold and waaay too long) but never for the one I'm working on now. Guess I just didn't think about it.
  2. Yakira Peace

    Desert Fantasy

    Does anyone have any tips/ideas for writing about a desert fantasy world? My WIP is set in the desert and I'm starting to run out of culture/terrain ideas.
  3. Yakira Peace


    Thank you all very much!
  4. Yakira Peace


    Actually, Peace is my middle name!
  5. Yakira Peace


    Hey everyone, my name is Yakira and I love to write Fantasy, though I have dabbled in Dystopian and Historical Fiction. I live on the east coast of the U.S. with my Bearded Dragon and very loud, very large family.

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