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  1. hey everyone i would like to share 2 visions i had in august and am not sure what they mean or what God could be trying to tell me through them.. the first vision i had was just before bed i was trying to sleep and i had a vision of it raining and outside on a street or an alley with buildings or houses on both sides and it was dark out like twilight had the midnight blue look outside and it was heavy rain but it was calm like a calm rainy night and it was for a few seconds and i could hear the rain pouring couple weeks later i had this second vision i went to bed and i awoke in the middle of the night to this burning lamp or this burning object it was flaming and smoky im not sure what exactly what it was but a burning object and i could also hear the flames of it burning and it only appeared for a few seconds then it went away.. does anyone understand this ?? i’m not really sure and i did pray about it but i’m still not sure i haven’t really heard anything from God about it or maybe it wasn’t from God but i’m not sure why i was shown these visions of these two scenes any insight would be awesome
  2. I have this God i believe in. promised to never leave me nor forsake me, he is for me and not against me. When i am wounded or broken he is the one that heals me. When i feel i am alone or in fear he reminds me that he is with me. Though i go astray and find myself lost he comes to me, though i’m fed with the bread of sorrows and adversity and drink of the water of affliction, though i walk through this wilderness, though i be tried i have this faith that is precious in his eyes. I have this God i believe in.
  3. @Alley thank you for posting that article it actually quickened me in the spirit ☺️ thanks for the support
  4. thanks everyone for the prayers and support i am still kind of new to this journey and this walk of faith maybe the Lord is training me more into his ways and to trust in his Word and let it be my guide i am going on my fourth year since him coming into my life and it’s been a real battle and journey but it’s such a delight to follow him to serve him and to know him more and more “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:105.
  5. Hello all i am in need of prayer my name is Jared. my prayer is that i would have the spirit of the Lord to rest on me leading me and guiding me into his truth and bringing comfort to my soul that i not worry or fear of what’s ahead. Because i have been going through severe afflictions and tribulation that it is almost like it is hard to continue but i need him and that i would have full assurance that i belong to him.. I am really in need of just being with him in his presence.. your prayers would be appreciated. 🙏
  6. where would i come across those ? 😅
  7. that’s enlightening never thought to see myself like that. My maker is my mirror created in the image of God. awesome 😎
  8. funny because that is what i am doing at the moment and thanks for the advice.
  9. hey everyone does anyone know of any writing exercises to do.? i think of only thinking upon something and just writing about it. or is that what writers do ? lol 😆
  10. On my early journey since Jesus came into my life it has been a great fight of afflictions and tribulations striving against sin. There was a couple times where i shipwrecked my faith in the word of God it talks about in the latter days some will depart from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils and having their consciences seared with a hot iron. I happened to be one of those people that were giving heed to seducing spirits i did not know till later and did not want to be one of the some that departed from the faith so i continued in my faith trusting in Jesus. I made shipwreck of my faith when i was reading scripture i thought i knew what the text was saying but i was listening to a seducing spirit and it led me to a pit and shipwrecked my faith on one occasion and another time my conscience became seared i was desolate and very concerned for my soul i did not want to perish but i trusted in the Lord Jesus that he came to save me.. and during the time i was trusting in Jesus the Holy spirit led me through his Word. and i followed the holy spirits leading being very attentive to the scriptures and reading what the holy spirit was guiding me making sure that it was the holy spirit guiding me making sure it was no evil spirit and i was lead in the right doctrines in scripture and i’m not sure what happened but the Lord restored my conscience and restored me having my mind recovered and with sound doctrine.. the Lord restored my faith and my conscience no matter how bad or severe the case was he healed me and i am so thankful and grateful glory to God for his Word and his blessed Spirit. This is one of my testimonies of one of the wonderful great things the Lord has done for me and still i lean to him he truly is our Savior
  11. thanks i was just writing this one day i didn’t know that 3 times were in relation to holy it wasn’t intentional it’s just how i wrote it coincedentally ??
  12. greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord. my name is Jared and Jesus came into my life 3 years ago. i created this account a year ago and forgot about it.. but i want to write and have this as a platform to share and also that i may be able to help others though i don’t think i would be much help but to encourage and support others that are in the same boat as i am even though my boat may be smaller lol. because i have difficulties when i write sometimes it’s like i have this fire in me writing but most of the time i’m left dumbfounded and discouraged but i am encouraged to press into it.. maybe i have a gift in it but it is something i do enjoy doing if i could just start.. so might as well start somewheres but anyways hello glad to be here and hopefully i can press into it and lo and behold that i was able.
  13. O God of the living I am living because of the living one i walk and hear the sound of my footsteps and remember Christ has saved me from death. I am living i see the road ahead and it may be long it may be weary but i behold great things to come to pass. i feel the hand of the living God upon me saying trust me. I AM LIVING. and I embrace the love of God which saved me, I breathe because He had mercy. O God of the Living. I am alive because in Him is Life, the old is receding and the new is coming. thank you O God of the living.
  14. Found a lost sheep scattered in the field I followed the grass in the wind and away I went. In my thoughts I wondered where could this take me, I hungered for more than what was present. Lost, and among wolves out to get me I am far from where I was. Death was out to get me enemies who I knew not, there was. I ran from, to where I thought was safe but I was lost. Did I have a shepherd? I did not but I was my own so I thought. Chased and fell into a pit there is no hope for me I sought for a way but could not, A hand reached out in the depths, a light shined through and pierced my soul The shepherd of my soul, i thank thee for finding me.
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