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  1. Looking at my hearts condition seeing how sick it is, the condition of my soul and the sin that stained it, mental perplexities and the hope to try to control it, to control this sickness within I am still sick i see, on a sickbed striving to cease to depart from the iniquity from the indwelling sin, a beast that desires to have me, Trusting in the Lord to deliver and heal me on the sickbed i am still sick waiting for the great physician to surgically fix me, Lord Jesus they that are whole need not a physician but they that are sick, Waiting upon the Lord (written expression)
  2. thank you.. it is encouraging to know others have dealt with the same thing but overcome them... more than conquerors through him who loved us.. yea i do my best to fight the enemy but sometimes he just gets me to the ground.. but I will persist to fight the good fight of faith !
  3. Thanks. It is encouraging Immanuel God with us.
  4. @HK1 thank you.. I am encouraged by scripture and feeling hopeful and that the Lord is with me..this is a great battle I face but I must stand against the evil one in the name of the Lord, God of Angel armies. I believe the Holy Spirit is quickening me and preparing me.. come what may
  5. I keep having spirits come back into me somehow for some reason I’ve repented and been baptized by the Holy Ghost and on my journey the devil seems to have his way and would try to destroy me and at times I would be downtrodden and in adversity, spirits would also manifest and I would feel captive and the devil would keep instilling fear in me that he’s gonna possess me but I know I’ve been sealed by God by his Spirit and the Lord has been faithful and has delivered me in the past many a time since he came into my life.. I’m not so worried about it now but I would get worried because of the adversities and perils that I suffer because of a door that seems to be open and i can’t seem to shut it... my story is kind of long and complicated to type out.. but I trust in the Lord because of the deliverances in the past.. what do I do about this.. I’ve. Been to deliverance ministries in the past but they never seem to really help with I’m dealing with.. i want to be filled with the Holy Ghost but am a prey to my enemies so it seems would the Lord vindicate me.. I know he sees all this and I am his child.. I feel psalm 13 when the psalmist says “ how long O Lord” the devil seems to have so much power in my life and I await for the Lord when the tables would turn.. I want to see the Lord magnified and not my enemies... reading the Word has been my help and support... any words of encouragement or consolation? sometimes it seems I don’t think I can handle this yet there’s nothing I could do but go through these fires.
  6. Hey thought I’d share a moment I had before Jesus came into my life. I was playing video games a few weeks before the Lord came into my life and I was thinking of a name for my account but I couldn’t figure one out until the word “beloved” came into my mind I didn’t think much of it until Jesus came into my life and it was pressed into my spirit that he was there. I had another type of moment when I was 18 when I was strumming chords on my guitar and the impression came into my spirit to worship the Lord but yet I did not know the Lord but he seemed to be there before he came Into my life. The Lord is good. has anyone else had any moments with the Lord on your journey in this life ? Please share 😊
  7. Child of God, you about your fathers business? living to love, living to please the one you love? a light in a dark world, while the days are evil. The sorrow, the pain, sin and death. While the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not overcome it With hearts fixed on Him who calls us my beloved. Seeing the beauty in life, having the mind of Christ. A fragrance of life to those who live, in him we live. Never failing, a love so great, the love of God In whom we embrace. The world and it’s vanity, delivered from its corruption. The sin and the shame the blood that’s been shed. The devil and his army with the world against us. Carry on child of God for God is with us. What are we but free, praise the Lord for he set us free!
  8. @Erin Cook thank you for the article it helps me to see my situation better than what I have considering the trouble which I’ve been suffering.
  9. I sinned and i’ve been doing well on not sinning and i know that we all sin.. but i believe i opened a door for spirits to come in and i am need of support i know the NT and most of the OT fairly ok i have only been walking with Jesus for 3 years and i recently have been free from my besetting sins and sins that held me for so long but i have sinned again and need light to help me through this because i don’t feel so good.. and also i know sin can blind my understanding and deceive myself in believing things that are not true when i sin... i know some truths like in the epistles of John that if any man sin i have an advocate.. but for those of you that have been walking with the Lord longer than i what have you been through and how has the Lord been i know that he is good but sometimes i have hard thoughts about God because i have been greatly afflicted in the past but believing in to see the Lords goodness but i sinned again...
  10. hey everyone i would like to share 2 visions i had in august and am not sure what they mean or what God could be trying to tell me through them.. the first vision i had was just before bed i was trying to sleep and i had a vision of it raining and outside on a street or an alley with buildings or houses on both sides and it was dark out like twilight had the midnight blue look outside and it was heavy rain but it was calm like a calm rainy night and it was for a few seconds and i could hear the rain pouring couple weeks later i had this second vision i went to bed and i awoke in the middle of the night to this burning lamp or this burning object it was flaming and smoky im not sure what exactly what it was but a burning object and i could also hear the flames of it burning and it only appeared for a few seconds then it went away.. does anyone understand this ?? i’m not really sure and i did pray about it but i’m still not sure i haven’t really heard anything from God about it or maybe it wasn’t from God but i’m not sure why i was shown these visions of these two scenes any insight would be awesome
  11. I have this God i believe in. promised to never leave me nor forsake me, he is for me and not against me. When i am wounded or broken he is the one that heals me. When i feel i am alone or in fear he reminds me that he is with me. Though i go astray and find myself lost he comes to me, though i’m fed with the bread of sorrows and adversity and drink of the water of affliction, though i walk through this wilderness, though i be tried i have this faith that is precious in his eyes. I have this God i believe in.
  12. @Alley thank you for posting that article it actually quickened me in the spirit ☺️ thanks for the support
  13. thanks everyone for the prayers and support i am still kind of new to this journey and this walk of faith maybe the Lord is training me more into his ways and to trust in his Word and let it be my guide i am going on my fourth year since him coming into my life and it’s been a real battle and journey but it’s such a delight to follow him to serve him and to know him more and more “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:105.
  14. Hello all i am in need of prayer my name is Jared. my prayer is that i would have the spirit of the Lord to rest on me leading me and guiding me into his truth and bringing comfort to my soul that i not worry or fear of what’s ahead. Because i have been going through severe afflictions and tribulation that it is almost like it is hard to continue but i need him and that i would have full assurance that i belong to him.. I am really in need of just being with him in his presence.. your prayers would be appreciated. 🙏
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