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  1. RivkaPeary

    Christian Writers And Humility

    That’s a beautiful encouragement! Thank you for sharing, lynnmosher!
  2. RivkaPeary


    Murwyn, when I read your poem, I feel the deep longing in the Lord's heart for you, to hear your voice and to spend time with you. His love is strong. That is so beautiful.
  3. RivkaPeary


    A lovely expression of faith, Malita.
  4. RivkaPeary

    I Only Needed To Pray

    Christine, your poem is beautiful.
  5. RivkaPeary


    Thank you, Murwyn for your kind and encouraging feedback. :)
  6. RivkaPeary


    Hello fellow poets and poetry aficionados I recently went to get my phone upgraded at a local cell phone shop. I brought a few books to read while I was waiting for a salesperson to become available to help me. When the wait was over and I was being helped by salesman that I think missed his calling as a surfer dude, he commented that I was quite an anomaly since I brought in an actual hardcopy book to read in a cell phone store. He said that everyone else had their face in their phones while they waited. I went home after the sale and pondered what it means to be an anomaly, which I considered to be a compliment. Here are my thoughts in poetry on being an anomaly: Anomaly What does it mean To be an anomaly What does it mean To color outside majority To outlie definity What does it mean To wait expectant For drifting inspiration Floating along on the breeze What does it mean To cast off into a storm To hear and fear the warnings But to leap out anyway Holding nothing only hope and faith What does it mean To live so long to get so familiar with the waves Their tossing churning crashing breaking That the storm becomes its own kind of peace What does it mean To know what cannot break you To stand on the tangible unseen What does it mean To believe
  7. RivkaPeary

    Pressing On

    Nikki - I value your honesty and vulnerability expressed in this poem. It's beauty is raw, real and authentic. Thank you for bravely sharing your heart.
  8. RivkaPeary

    New Kid On The Block

    Thanks for the warm welcome!
  9. RivkaPeary

    New Kid On The Block

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the group and am looking forward to being a part of the community. A little about me: I'm a native Texan transplanted to SoCal and enjoying the West Coast very much. I delight in mocha lattes, writing, reading, nature, art and the creative process. I am in the process of publishing my first book. It's a book of poetry. I'm excited and anxious at the same time with this new process. I'll be relieved when it's all said and done. Cheers - Rivka

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