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  1. I think violence, or its threat, can be a natural part of an exciting story for Christians, though there is a line. Readers and writers can both sense when a description of violence becomes gratuitous. One can describe the crucifixion, the repulsive, horrifying madness of it, without dwelling excessively on all the gory details.
  2. Re: Social Media and Queries Both have been nonproductive for me so far. I've read that the computer has turned us all into writers and the number of manuscripts worldwide has mushroomed. It's just not possible for everyone worthy to be discovered so lots of quality work will never be published or read. Sobering. Still, it hasn't daunted my enthusiasm for writing. Maybe it's not all about fame and fortune.
  3. There was a book by an artist (a painter or sculptor) who said, "I am lured to create. I have little or no control over being discovered."
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