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  1. I am thinking of creating an interactive fiction fantasy story for my tween children, to help them prepare for adolescence. I'm having a hard time finding stories that both a) promote Christian values, and b) authentically grapple with the emotions and choices kids actually face. To be sure, that's hard for adults too, but with kids it is extra tricky. How do you describe difficult stuff they're likely to face, when there's a risk of either glorifying it or traumatizing them? I am exploring Interactive Fiction as a possible solution. In particular, I am crafting a story where the heroes (proxies for my kids) have to guide a bumbling barbarian (a proxy for me) on his quest to win the hand of a beautiful princess. The hope is that they can learn values by guiding the barbarian, who is the one who actually experiences the various temptations and trials (possibly off screen). I literally have no idea what I am doing, having never written anything in this format or this topic. Any suggestions, examples, or observations? Thanks so much!
  2. Yeah, Hollywood is snake pit. The only way around it that I've seen is to build an audience beforehand, so that Hollywood is primarily buying your readers rather than your content (e.g., the Martian).
  3. Good for you, and welcome!
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