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  1. Todd

    Psalm 107

    Hi Alley, Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing. Todd
  2. Hi Lynn, Thank you! I thought I replied directly. Oops! The mistakes of a newbie. I'll resend to the personal reply. Sorry and thanks for catching my mistake.
  3. Hi V, Thank you for getting in touch. I am just beginning and in the first couple of chapters. I wrote a devotional last year and thought it would be better to get feedback as I go. How about I send you a coupe of chapters and you do the same? We can see if it's a match. Does that work for you? Blessings, Todd Ellis
  4. Hi Linda, I am definitely interested in finding a critique partner. I am in Northern California; East Bay. Where are you? Even over the phone/computer would be a great if we're not in the same vicinity.
  5. Hi Dr. Ernie, Yes, TBC is the organization. Yes, I do go to their meetings. If I am in town I will definitely go and we can connect. If you are interested in doing any critiques, mutual feedback, let me know. Blessings!
  6. Hello, I"m new to this site and looking for a critique partner. I write in a few genres: 1. Devotionals with a motivational twist 2. Fiction-Along the lines of The Da Vinci Code and X-Files (My writing gives the Christian viewpoint) 3. Poetry. Thank you!
  7. Todd

    Daily Devotion-Freedom

    Chuck is relating how we are free in this country and also free as Christians. He contrasted how the Galatians "attacked" the early converts wanting them to believe in a set of rules, as the Judaizers, do. This goes against the freedom in Christ exemplified by a living relationship with Jesus as opposed to following rules. We are also free in this country and are also held to a higher standard to uphold those freedoms. PS-This my first publishing credit. Did I get it right? Anything else I need to do? Thank you! Todd
  8. Todd

    Hi Alley, 


     Thanks for the info! I'll check it out!



  9. Hi Zx,


        Finding a good critique groups is difficult. Do you share any writing on here? I'm getting use to navigating here, so I'm open for suggestions. 


    Thank you! 

    1. zx1ninja


      Sure have, all in sci fi. You can open critique, then click on the small colored sales tag shape that says sci fi and you see everything posted by me and a couple others. A few have been archived though.

    2. Todd


      Hi Zx, 


       I just replied on the website. Thanks for sharing. 


         I"m a newbie here so how would I access 'Sci Fi" so I can read your posts? Going from the home screen where would I go?


      Thank you! 

    3. Todd


      I think I found it. Sorry for the newbie questions. 

  10. Hi Dr. Ernie, Great to meet you! I am in Walnut Creek. I'm involved in a few Christian networking groups, and one is headed up by the VM Wares CEO. Let me know if you're interested and I can pass them along. If you're interested in meeting up, that would be great!
  11. Hi RAD, I very appreciate the reply. Yes, it's a process, especially when the other person doesn't get it. A humorous example was last week in a critique group when I had to explain what The Terminator was a reference to. I'll post and keep give feedback on others, as well. What genre do you write? I wrote a motivational/devotional and am getting into thrillers, along the lines of The Da Vinci Code and X-Files; with a Christian twist. Thank you!
  12. Hello, I just joined and am looking for a group/ind. to do mutual critiques. Is anyone interested? Thank you!
  13. Hi Lynn, Thanks for the reply. 1. So, do these count as comments? 2. How do I critique if I can't access the critique forum? 3. Is there another place to critique? If so, where? Thank you again!
  14. I did see a group for critiques; clicked on it and got the "please wait" message. I assume it takes a bit for that moderator to get back to the newbie. Is that right?
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