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  1. Thank you, Katherine! Good encouragement. I happen love donuts... I have had to restrain my plump self of late. Great lamentations...
  2. My friends, this is my first post of this type on the forum. It's the first chapter of my novel and I just reworked it some. I had experimented with commas and passive versus active (and had over done it). In this version, I hope I am getting the mix just right? Thanks in advance for reading, and any feedback is welcome! The Stained Glass Ocean From the edges of creation and from countless galaxies, the essence of light wandered through darkness and the void of space. And then, it raced toward a holy purpose, and from even before man’s dawn, it rushed toward a union of
  3. Yes, indeed. You too, brother! Eyes on the prize...
  4. This was brilliant, Denny. I got caught up in some of that "over info" and have been coming back to my origins - the place of health, His feet. I would suggest a little more editing and this is ready for a prime time magazine.
  5. I have someone close to me that is in such need of deliverance from addiction... thank you for the article. God bless your ministry!
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