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  1. David Watkins

    Prayers For A Child!

  2. David Watkins

    Ongoing Prayer Request

    Wow. Yes, praying.
  3. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    Carolina-the-Laser - caught some good stuff! I think it really is getting there. This was a good exercise for all I think? I really like the teamwork to help each other here.
  4. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    Add "that" visited remove "with" "my" own Should it be, I developed a second title? Or something? unsure about the word "stall" during this "time"? I think you are about there, brother.
  5. David Watkins

    Christian Books Losing Ground

    Well, said. Also: Yo-yo, you speak Philly, bro?! It is a tough old world we live in, and getting more so. We gotsta dig in, and have faith! (Philly) The industry was bound to change as we enter the end times, but God hasn't. We just have to adapt and overcome.
  6. David Watkins

    I Need Prayers For Peace Of Mind And A Sense Of Well Being.

    Lord, I thank that you are ever so close to William, that you know everything thing about him to the most intimate detail. You know his needs, his strengths and weaknesses. You are his Rear Guard, and you are his Buckler. Angels are about him even now, beating anything up that is trying to afflict our friend. We say, PEACE, to his mind! The Holy Spirit is upon him and joy is filling his heart. He is the head and not the tail. He is anointed, and he is powerful. He is this because of the work of our Lord Jesus on the cross, and in His Resurrection. Amen.
  7. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    No, I didn't but intended to for the credit. I wrote an attempt at a letter above, for discussion, and used their format.
  8. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    Glad you stated the link to that article, that is what I used too. Very good stuff.
  9. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

  10. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    I'm going to look at this harder tomorrow, time availing. To me, we are producing "by faith", so your background should be straightforward and relevant. You piqued my interest when you said game studio
  11. David Watkins

    Query Letter Help

    Well, how about this... write one here... and let us ponder upon it (let us reason together) as if we were the addressees. Just, let fly... if it is aweful, we will work from there, and produce awesome! I have never written one but have written many business letters (some were aweful awesome, now what kind of word is aweful. I'm conflicted).
  12. David Watkins


    Hi there, and welcome.
  13. David Watkins

    New To Christianwriters

    Hi Rob, welcome :).
  14. David Watkins

    Hello From A Former Game Developer

    Welcome, TD!
  15. David Watkins

    Nice To Meet You :)

    Hi Debbi. Welcome!

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