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  1. Aurora Magazine is a not for profit magazine serving the African region. We need features in Christian living, short stories, testimonies, bible studies or any feature that is Christ centered. It could be of any length. For Aurora Kids Magazine, we need features in short stories, games, puzzles, poems and any article that will make Christ fun. Learn more For Aurora Teens Magazine, we need features that will help teens to pursue a personal relationship with Christ. Learn more Will you help encourage someone? Will you help someone to know Christ. If you are interested please send an email to aurorachristianmedia@gmail.com or info@auroramagazine.net for more information or learn more
  2. It is a family oriented magazine and not culturally bound, there are no limitations just Christ entered. We will need illustrations for the Kids Corner. Please send email to aurorachristianmedia@gmail.com for more information.
  3. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES FOR AURORA CHRISTIAN MAGAZINE We accept submissions for articles, stories, essays and bible studies on Christian living, Marriage, Family, Faith Stories and on any topic that will help people grow in their faith in Jesus Christ on quarterly basis. Features should be inspiring, encouraging, revealing and applicable to everyday life and of any length. 1. 1st Quarter: January-March DEADLINE for submissions: November 30th Published in January 2. 2nd Quarter: April- June DEADLINE for submissions: February 28th Published in April 3. 3rd Quarter: July- September DEADLINE for submissions: May 30th Published in July 4. 4th Quarter: October- December DEADLINE for submissions: August 30th Published in October Please send submissions to aurorachristianmedia@gmail.com. Thank you for your contribution.
  4. A new quarterly magazine seeks writers to write articles to help the people in Africa know God and the power of grace. This is solely a voluntary position. Interested persons should email me at aurorachristianmedia@gmail.com.
  5. Christ based motivational messages to help people live a fulfilling life.
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