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  1. I'm very excited to share with all of you my first book. Set A Seal Upon My Heart: A Devotional Study of The Song of Solomon I'm looking for people interested in receiving a free ebook for review. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Thanks Zee. I did find a nonfiction giveaway to join.
  3. Thanks! I just joined Story Origin a few weeks ago. I'll take a look at your promo. Ah. I see it's for fiction, or are devotionals welcome?
  4. I ordered some books from an individual and it took 6 weeks for him to ship them. He used Lulu and they were that far behind in printing. I know POD is a tricky business but that was excessive. Thankfully they were academic books for research and the timeline was okay for me, but for other readers it would be too long. I'd imagine a lot of folks have lost sales.
  5. Thanks for the heads up about this. It was my intention to produce an audio book the same time I uploaded my devotional. Maybe I should get the ball rolling on the audio a little sooner.
  6. It's the basis for my study of the Song of Solomon. The Shulamite bride is an allegorical representation of the church and the Bridegroom is Christ.
  7. Honestly I'd say your writing is perfectly fine, but you'll need to submit your proposals to Baker Academic or Intervarsity Press. These would both be MDiv. level books, and require a good amount of Hebrew for understanding. I'd offer to write, but my Hebrew is not nearly good enough for this project.
  8. I did... about 8 months ago. I've been crazy busy with homeschooling, starting my ministry, and finishing my first book. I haven't had much chance to reply to conversation. I've lurked a bit though.
  9. I pitched today. No bites yet, but I wasn't entirely sure how well a Bible Study would go over with the agents. They seemed more interested in fiction.
  10. I never attended a formal seminary school, but I did attend a school of ministry. The main difference being I didn't have a full course experience. I studied church history, the basics of theology, biblical interpretation, and apologetics. The main focus was applied ministry. It was a 2 year school but class was once a week. My husband and I formed a ministry after we graduated which has given me some credential in the eyes of publishers. The main topic I took away after my first rejection (which was very helpful) was I needed a solid endorsement from someone with a degree. That came from a friend who does have a MDiv from Bethel University. He was someone I asked to look over my study anyway. I don't think it would inhibit you from writing a study, but I would suggest looking into an endorser who has a degree from a well known 4 year accredited university or college. That or find a well known pastor or apologist who would endorse you.
  11. I homeschool my son and I know we've used a great number of books that have this type of information. DK Romans, Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Rome, Ancient Rome by Mike Connelly, Living History Ancient Rome, and the video series Drive Thru History. These might be a good start for you and should be free to checkout at your library. I was able to request them from my small town.
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