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  1. I am hurting so much inside I'm ready to get off this ride Please Lord, take this bondage from me Allow me to be set free Release the pain And terror that remain I am ready For a mind thats steady No more raging emotions from here and there Instead a comforting peace thats rare One that only you can provide When I'm fearful of the in-coming tide You remind me that I've got You by my side
  2. I'm in a dark place Where there's not enough space To focus my mind So I can find A way out of the darkness Where my heart will linger with forgiveness And I'll find a peace That makes the terror cease Once and for all I will no longer fall For My Lord is with me And He is the one who can set me free
  3. Thank you HK1. Thank you also for sharing the words to that beautiful hymn❤
  4. When I don't know what to do I'll keep clinging onto You To get me through Knowing your words are true Even in the darkness where there are few I can still catch a glimpse of You Sustaining me in my pain Is the knowledge that You'll always reign
  5. You feel so distant Seems like it happened in an instant One day I’m glistening in Your light The next its dark as night I’m reminiscing of Your joy That the enemy intends to destroy I’m not going down without a fight Grasping onto Your truth with all my might From one day to the next It’s only in You, I can rest
  6. Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. I pray my writings will be shared to help others❤
  7. Nights like these are very difficult for me to endure. My mind races as memories come pouring out and lies come floating to the surface. Abroad comes what once was hidden and broken again becomes my heart. Realizing these truths that stayed hidden deep in the depths of my mind to protect me until I was strong enough to bear it. It cripples my emotions and sets my body in agony as one pours after another. Lights turn on and reality strikes as the present becomes riddled with new bouts of information. Changing my perception, my reality and my understanding of what life once was and now is. I ponder at my new found freedom and understanding that is imprisoned in my mind. As I am pulled into the past I cannot leave so vastly the present. My heart lies strongly here as does my loyalty. I am a wife a mother and a friend and I love those I call family. My heart does not know friend or foe therefore I am overwhelmed by false instruments of this world. For now my heart lies still. Awaiting the answers to come from the only Source. Until the end I will stand firm in truth, word and spirit.
  8. A faith that embodies the soul Rendering answers and imposing its toll To questions I thought I would never know Holding tight to the promises You chose to bestow On days I'm happy and days I feel real blue Giving me a hope that carries me through While You purify, cleanse and renew A once shattered heart that You chose to redeem and make brand new
  9. Thank you so much. Thank you also for posting this scripture❤
  10. My soul doth wait on You My heart quickens to Your word My mind gulps Your endless rivers of knowledge My body trembles at my infinite faults in the face of Your glory May I call upon Your name May I beg Your Mercy What right can I claim to You I give You my heart willingly I possess nothing else to offer I am but a weakend vessel, spilling out from pierced sides Even in the darkness, I can hear the echoing of Your name In death, You breathe In me
  11. I am tormented but I am well I am in pain but I am filled with joy It is dark and cold but I can see the light glimmering in the distance I know its there It keeps me pressing forward It keeps hope within me alive Though I am bonded, I am free
  12. Misery has a vacancy for one A path that is walked alone Exposed becomes all raw human vulnerability Bare humanity grovels in light of utter humility Life becomes sustained solely at His Mercy Understanding is granted of His inner workings Redeemed in time, by His Grace Forever a soldier in The Kingdom Bound Race!
  13. Lol, yes I did mean destined. Thank you❤
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