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  1. Its times like this That i call upon you To help me not to fall Away from your loving arms And into a self absorbed pit Of pain, restlessness and agony That lives within my own mind Heal my brokenness Lord Bring me back to you Show me the way to go To find hope and peace Show me your way Your grace and understanding That i may reflect upon
  2. Thank you so much for your kind words
  3. I believed my faith was strong That I would be ready for when something went wrong Instead I found my foundation crumbling When trouble came rumbling Now I’m holding on even stronger Even if it takes a while longer To see the bigger picture I’ll dive into your scripture To better understand your reasons For the struggling seasons I’ll read about Job, Joseph and Paul And see how you were there for them all In their struggles and pain You s
  4. When the world comes crashing in Where do I go to Where do I hide To run from the incoming tide Away from all the pain and all the hurt To a place where love comes first I’m letting go of all false control Leaning on you to heal my soul Cradled in your arms I’ll be Until you take this all from me
  5. I feel so lost and torn apart From all the gravel being thrown about Where is my justice where is my part In this world I have lost my spark It doesn’t live here in the shadows It doesn’t live here in the trees It blossoms in its slumber So very far from me
  6. I unfortunately didn't have a say in the price of the book. The marketing team for the publishing company decides the price of the book. I didn't write the book to make sales. I truly hope it can help others who have been through trauma.
  7. Thank you all so much! I pray my book is a blessing to those who read it.
  8. Aww Thank you lynnmosher!
  9. Thank you suspensewriter!
  10. Ok, sorry and thank you
  11. Hello all, Thank you for all your support! My book is now available for Kindle as an ebook for $4.99 at Amazon and the Apple store. Here is the link to buy the book https://www.amazon.com/Surviving-Against-All-Odds-Testimony-ebook/dp/B08CQ176SS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=surviving+against+all+odds&qid=1594406597&sr=8-1 It is also available to pre-order for $9.99 online at Barnes and Noble and Target.
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