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  1. You promised to redeem and set me free From all these memories plaqueing me You've equiped me with the tools That have changed all the rules Now my eyes are open Remembering the words you had spoken Through the years, I felt so broken Now I'm begining to heal Realizing I have a life I dont want the enemy to steal Regardless of the changes in how I feel Your words are given with a stamp and seal I know I'm loved and valued and thats the real deal
  2. Wide awake while the rest of the world sleeps Inside my heart still weeps While my mind replays painful memories of the past The enemy wants me to believe relief will never last I'm pressing forward with all my strength Knowing God will go to any length To rescue me from a self inflicted fate And redirect me to the golden gate
  3. Thank you HK1. I like the title "True companion" thanks so much ❤
  4. I know one day I'll be set free From all this pain that feels as if it's killing me He promised me Redemption and through the process he's helped me to see True healing comes from within that can begin to set me free From the sorrows and anguish of the past This process has been anything but fast Slow and revealing from the start Showing such sadness so close to my heart He's been by my side every step of the way Standing near regardless of what I do or say A True Companion to take along the way For I know his love for me will never sway
  5. I feel like my heart is about to burst out tears That were bound up for all these years Emotions put on pause Never able to understand the cause How can such evil exist And continue to persist Against the young, old and helpless Their prey over their victims is relentless A virus that spreads through families and loved ones Victimizing daughters and sons Such a crime against humanity Causing anguish and calamity Getting it out and in the open And having it spoken Takes it out of the dark of night And into his glory and might Offering victory in surrendering an endless fight
  6. Thank you HK1, your comments are always so encouraging and inspiring.
  7. This pain is rugged and deep Casting Revenge while I sleep Nightmares and Visions keep me awake Knowing of such Danger I feel as if my life's at stake Fighting so hard to escape Feeling Bound by the decisions others did make I can't give up I can't give in I know the power of Freedom comes from within His Spirit can combat and overcome any sin I'm Holding Onto You Lord when the world comes crashing in Sometimes I want to give up But then I know I'm just letting the devil win
  8. Thank you so much HK1. Thank you for sharing this. This psalm is so powerful. It is such an honor to be told that my writing sounds anything similiar to the beautiful psalms of David. Thank you so much for your support in my writing❤
  9. Thank you so much lynnmosher. ❤🙏❤
  10. There are days, it feels as if hell has a grip on my soul. I cry out for mercy and He hears my cries. I ask, why must the suffering have no end. I am but a tortured soul begging for peace. Will there be no end? Will it never cease? Pain riddles my body attempting to shake my soul. I will not bend. I will not falter. I know my Father's power and unending mercies I know the dark clouds lift and tears dry. I've seen the sun shine in darkness and hope that lies within disaster.
  11. I am hurting so much inside I'm ready to get off this ride Please Lord, take this bondage from me Allow me to be set free Release the pain And terror that remain I am ready For a mind thats steady No more raging emotions from here and there Instead a comforting peace thats rare One that only you can provide When I'm fearful of the in-coming tide You remind me that I've got You by my side
  12. I'm in a dark place Where there's not enough space To focus my mind So I can find A way out of the darkness Where my heart will linger with forgiveness And I'll find a peace That makes the terror cease Once and for all I will no longer fall For My Lord is with me And He is the one who can set me free
  13. Thank you HK1. Thank you also for sharing the words to that beautiful hymn❤
  14. When I don't know what to do I'll keep clinging onto You To get me through Knowing your words are true Even in the darkness where there are few I can still catch a glimpse of You Sustaining me in my pain Is the knowledge that You'll always reign
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