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  1. Brian Alan Burhoe


    For you, Michael. You are in our prayers.
  2. Brian Alan Burhoe

    The Old Church (poetry)

    Wonderful words, DrRita. I love old churches, always have. You capture the mixed emotions that going in an old country church bring out. Thanks, Brian
  3. Brian Alan Burhoe

    If Only...

    "A NEW COMMANDMENT I GIVE UNTO YOU: THAT YE LOVE ONE ANOTHER." John 13:34. When I first read these words in Sunday School soooo many years ago, I found a boyhood hero in Jesus. I thought then "If only..." And even today I continue to wonder "If only..."
  4. Brian Alan Burhoe

    This Godless Society

    Hi Robert. I've just joined ChristianWriters, and your post is my first engagement. I guess because your "This Godless Society" matches my own thoughts. Times have changed, of course, Here in Canada, there was a time when the Mounted Police used to actually enforce The Lord's Day Act. A more religious and respectful time. Your post brought back my own memories of living in Yorkshire as a lad -- it was in the time of the Queen's Coronation. My most profound memories are of visiting stone churches, abbeys (Kirklees Priory Gate House a number of times) -- and especially York Minster Cathedral. I didn't find God -- God found me. And for me, that was a spiritual time. England has no doubt changed, but my memories remain. Thanks, and Bless you, Brian

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