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  1. Thank you, @carolinamtne! My family has made it back to the US. Thank God! Prayers for a good journey for you, @BKHunter, and for your family, @Zee!
  2. Female here! Honestly it depends on the genre for me. If I'm writing in a historical or fantasy context, my main characters are men - simply because of the lack of social limitations it provides the character. I recognize this does not have to be the case for women in fantasy, but I write pretty history-like fantasy, sooo... erg. I try to get very creative particularly with what I have my female fantasy characters accomplish and learn. They are strong and courageous and driven, but it's a result of their drive, not of the culture they live in. This tends to work better, at least for me, with them being (very important) secondary characters. My sci-fi story is lousy with women. Main character, secondary characters, organization heads, villains. I think it's my subconscious getting back at me for all the other stories. Lol.
  3. This resonates deeply with me. Twitter, as I have said before, is rather like screaming into a void. Or, perhaps, like screaming into a secret club where you don't have the password.
  4. Thanks for your prayers, all. If the flight happens it should be happening right about now. I'll let you all know. @Zee, I will be praying!! 🙏 Glad you have a flight scheduled, @BKHunter!
  5. I have family in a similar situation in West Africa. Prayers for you.
  6. Laptop for blog and Facebook. I can do Facebook on my phone but sometimes it won't toggle between my personal account and author page correctly, and then it makes a mess. 😜 Twitter I use my laptop and phone interchangeably.
  7. That is a cool idea @Claire Tucker! Let us know how it turns out.
  8. I like asking fun Saturday questions "caption this", or "What's your favorite ...?" on Facebook, where I actually have engagement.
  9. I'm on my own website (blog), Facebook, and Twitter. #WritingCommunity on Twitter is a little like screaming into the void - very occasionally someone will hear you. Facebook is good if your demographic is 30+ I've heard Instragram is the place to be, but I can't really speak to that myself.
  10. That's true! I'll bear it in mind. Thanks @Nicola! 😊
  11. I'm part of the community too. I've noticed the same thing. The vibe has really changed. If this thing drags out over weeks like they're suggesting (or God forbid, months), I think the entire scope of Twitter is going to change and stay changed, at least for a long time afterwards. I changed my blog to a series on faith, connecting to my writing when I can. I had it somewhat in the plans anyway but now I think it's necessary. There's literally no use blogging on Ancient Egypt right now. At least, there doesn't feel like there is.
  12. Hey everyone, Thanks @lynnmosher for giving me this idea with her museum webcams link! For anyone stuck at home, The San Diego Zoo/Safari Park and the Monterey Bay Aquarium have live webcams for many of their exhibits! Enjoy! San Diego Zoo/Safari Park Monterey Bay Aquarium
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