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  1. This is bonkers. So was Tide Pods. It never ends. Ugh.
  2. Makes me think of this video. 😂 I'm part Welsh and my dream is to one day be able to pronounce this lol.
  3. Forth! And fear no darkness! Love it!
  4. Hey! So unfortunately I can't beta someone right now (fifth grade teacher here!) but I'm wondering if you're @frompentopage on Facebook? If you are, I'm Elizabeth Jacobson, I follow you. I'm the author of Not by Sight: The Story of Joseph. I'm not sure where we crossed paths before (maybe #writingcommunity on Twitter?), but it's nice to see you! 😊
  5. Wonderful! Love it when my characters have minds of their own! 😁
  6. Ahhh, @Alley I'm so sorry! 😥 I will be praying!!
  7. Twitter is a little like shouting into the void, but a lot of writers are really successful on there. You have to find your niche and be active every day, basically. "Authortube" and "Booktube" are informal areas of Youtube for authors and readers. Instragram is very popular of course, but I haven't tried it as an author.
  8. Hey @Jared Williams. I stuck to Joseph's point of view while hitting every part of the Biblical account I could while in his POV (so, no brothers talking to their father, etc.). I placed a strong emphasis on historical accuracy and on how Joseph grew to be a man of faith. Hope this helps!
  9. The Megan Follows version is perfection!
  10. Oh! I see! So, one thought I would have is to keep all the names of a single clan feeling like the same culture. Whether that is through theme of name meaning or sound or something else. There’s lots of ways. For example, this is how I build names when I write fantasy - everyone from a certain country/culture has names based on the particular sound of a real-world language. I have used Hebrew for a baseline, as well as a Germanic/Celtic combo for another culture, and a Latin skewed French/Greek combo for a third culture. So, all that to say, I would steer away from a za ending because I feel like that automatically makes people think of Italian. I feel like the other names in your story don’t trend that way. So maybe a az ending?
  11. Certainly! How do you mean? Do you mean wordcount or genre?
  12. I shall now say the phrase that may cause many to feel the need to ostracize me. You haven’t missed much. 😬🤣
  13. Are you going to rename first names or also McAlester?
  14. I try to not bring it up, but now I have to. I admit it. I strongly dislike Shakespeare. 😬🤣
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