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  1. Usually, a family dynamic is a big factor in my stories. Honestly, I'm not sure why! Often it has to do with how someone's change in their lives affects the family and how the members react and deal with it. This is actually the first time I have put this into words. And now I am really confused why this is my common theme!
  2. A double-standard, as so many things seem to have these days. Sigh.
  3. Keep praying on it. Remember that no one has to see draft 1 except you, and that even if you’re not sure if it’s past or passed, you know what you meant. 😊 Get the ideas down. The best words for them can come later. Also, you used the right one. 😉
  4. I will be praying! Just a suggestion - what worked for me so that I could finally finish something was letting go of the idea of perfection. The scene does not have to be perfect for you to move on. You can edit it later. It's hard to finish if you're spinning your wheels over that one scene in Chapter 4. I can thank @Alley for finally getting this idea into my head!!
  5. Thanks for sharing! Those examples are very eye-opening! I have similar issues with numbers. Not enough to have dyscalculia (which is sometimes called "dyslexia with numbers" and as a teacher I'm not sure I agree) but enough to make life difficult, especially when I teach math! 🤪
  6. You can always dig through historical documents/encyclopedia pages. Just look for the culture you're interested in. For instance, if you're interested in Roman names, research about their activities in the time period and look at the names. For Jewish names I would imagine the Maccabees books in the apocrypha would have some good names, and not to far before the time of Christ. While not divinely inspired, they are historical to some extent, or that is my understanding.
  7. LOL! So true! Strider did his best to subvert that, but his Aragorn kept showing up. I'm considering taking both pills for science. I'll let you guys know what happens and whose theory is proven correct.
  8. Hello!

    Yes, I would love to read your story!  Can we work on Google Docs?  Or do you have another way to see my comments?  

    Blessings to you today!


    1. PenName


      Hey Nicola! 

      I am so very honored by your interest! I sent you a private message. :)



  9. Prince Hans from Disney's Frozen comes to mind (I'm a Disney nut haha). He's definitely a static character (until the reveal) so the clue definitely works! Yes, Zoom, I think it was... Season 2 maybe. He was literally on the team of good guys for most of the season but was secretly the bad guy. Tolkien mentions in the appendices that he basically became prideful of his own mental strength. He thought he could research and learn about the rings of power without becoming entrapped by the idea of being the master of one - or better yet, the One. It's common that villains have the trait of pride but it's interesting to see one villain's backstory be that he thought he could study "the dark side" in depth without falling prey to it. Also, I know it's a kid's cartoon, but has anyone seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? Prince Zuko has the best villain's redemption arc I've ever seen, bar none. He starts out as the villain and by the end of the series you realize he was the deuteragonist the whole time.
  10. I sometimes wish my day job (teacher) didn't skew my time SO much towards it that I have so little time to write at times... sigh. Que sera sera!
  11. I'm a relative newbie here but that is so hard to hear. I will be praying.
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