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  1. Gosh. I will be praying!! That's awful! Please keep us updated if you can.
  2. I'm no good with any sort of legality questions, but I've never heard of Bingo being looked down upon in Christian circles.
  3. Avoid the "planet of hats" trope. 😊 Meaning, it's typical in sci-fi to have a planet where "everyone has the same culture/look/traditions/ruler" or "the whole planet is snow/desert/ocean". Real life isn't like this!
  4. Before you bench anyone - can they just "merge" with another character? So that this one new character accomplishes all or most of the things the two separate characters accomplished? For instance, in the semi-autobiographical Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the famous Nellie Olson character is an amalgamation of three different girls that Wilder knew.
  5. Fantastic teacher, I could have listened to her all day!
  6. This is my favorite Fear Box. Lots of examples of that trust/don't trust stuff in here. 😂
  7. Sounds like us Californians! 😂 The windshield situation is 100% me.
  8. The first movie in a lot of "semi-planned" series could serve as an example for you. For instance, the original Star Wars or the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Both were made to be stand-alones that could have a sequel if the money was right. So, they both have loose ends, but satisfying endings (the Empire still exists and Darth Vader got away, but the Death Star is destroyed, Jack Sparrow escapes with many more possible adventures to come, but Will and Elizabeth are together and safe).
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