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  1. I listen to whatever genre suits the setting. I finished novelizing the story of Joseph in Genesis a while back and spent a lot of time with a video game soundtrack called "Assassin's Creed: Origins". Never played it, but it's set in Egypt so it put me in the right mood!
  2. I heard an Authortuber say something similar - every scene is a transaction. A character has to get something from it (either positive or negative).
  3. Fun fact: I never learned to tie my shoes. At least not the “correct” way - where you loop that one lace around the other or something. I’ve been rocking the “bunny ears” tying style for decades. 😂
  4. Lucian and Carolina have some great advice. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to plot if you’re a pantser (trust me I’ve tried), and vice versa. But knowing where you want to end up and some high points along the way can keep you headed in the right direction.
  5. I have a friend in a similar situation, @Claire Tucker. It’s not easy. Prayers for you. 🙏🏻
  6. Still praying Alley!!
  7. I found out what mine was when I had my last story beta'd, haha. I use the phrase "pursed" their lips way too much. 😂
  8. @Claire Tucker and @Nicola have hit the nail on the head. Treat the background crowd like the landscape. Use it to set the scene! You don't need to do anything else.
  9. Oh, my, you are going through so much!! 😔 I will be praying!
  10. CATAWAMPUS! I looovvee that word, haha! My grandmother is from Mississippi so it was ingrained in me growing up. 😂
  11. I got six too. I tend to remember completely random factoids weirdly well, but a series of numbers is over my head!
  12. I like the idea of keeping the place the same! But, I also think it could be interesting if some aspects of the scene (weather, or the time of day, etc.) change based on his emotions.
  13. Continued prayers, @lynnmosher! I hope he is doing better this week.
  14. Aw, thanks @Alley! @Bob Leone, put something up in the critique forum if you ever want a second opinion on a scene. There's lots of people with great ideas on here!
  15. I'm working on novelizing the story of Joseph from Genesis, so it got pretty hairy in places language-wise. For instance, when he came to Egypt and didn't understand a word, I ended up with an entire chapter with no dialogue. I was careful to talk about the sounds of the language (via description, nothing in quotes) but make it clear that Joseph had no clue what was said. As he learned the language I put full Egyptian sentences in quotes since people tend to understand more than they speak. But I was careful to have his responses sound stilted, and describe his frustration with not having the correct words. At the end when his brothers came back, I had to jump between Egyptian and Canaanite pretty frequently. I was just always careful to have which language was spoken be in the dialogue tag, as often as necessary. Anyway, that's how I did it!
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