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  1. This may be part of my problem. @Shamrock, @Spaulding, I keep hearing great things about the Emotional Thesaurus!
  2. Everyone has such great info! I agree that buying a domain name is critical. I use WordPress.com, not .org, since they have all the "point and click" templates and widgets. However, I am limited by what they provide and have definitely felt limited more than once, wishing to do something I couldn't with their platform. If you get .org, everything is up to you and you can cobble together whatever you like from code that you download (I think). However, (someone correct me if I'm wrong), I believe that site security and everything else is up to you on .org, which always soun
  3. Haha, I do this. My favorite words are always "seemed" and "suddenly". They pop up like weeds.
  4. Just curious. I don't know if it's just me not being able to find the word on the tip of my tongue or what. But when I'm writing, I keep Thesaurus.com open on a tab and have to refer to it constantly. I'm not even looking for impressive words most of the time, lol. Just ways not to use the same word over and over.
  5. This is all great advice! Typing can be laborious at first, especially if you're not much used to it. It does get faster with time. If there are distractions around you, try listening to music (I advise no lyrics!) in headphones as you type it up.
  6. I know Scrivener has a big fanclub, but I don't know much about it. @Claire Tucker does, as do others. Personally, I'm a "plantser". The best I can describe it, I kind of know Plot Point A and Plot Point B, maybe C and D, and pants my way in between them. Once I get to C or D, E and F reveal themselves. Etc. Currently I'm looking for strategies to increase how far ahead I can see, lol. Thanks, @Johne!
  7. I think some do! I pick mine very carefully. They are people who I trust to be honest even if that means giving a critique. I also ask very specific questions once they're done, about things I struggled with writing or are unsure about. This can further open a door to honest conversation.
  8. We're glad to have you, @Ky_GirlatHeart! I remember being a teen writer. I didn't have a big group to work with and bounce ideas off of. I'm glad you have that!
  9. I don't know that they'd answer; the email would probably just get sorted into spam or something and be lost because the subject line wouldn't say QUERY or PROPOSAL. Maybe asking on their Twitter or Instagram would be an option, if they have a history of interacting with people on there?
  10. I went through the handful of fiction proposals I've written, and they're all single-spaced until it comes to the chapters. I think a big part of it could be whether or not the agency requests the proposal as part of the email or as an attachment. Email formatting will probably mess up anything written in double space and copied over. My gut says single-space the proposal and double-space the chapters unless the agency specifies otherwise. I think most, if not all, of the fiction examples I have seen have been this way. Also, you could always google "nonfiction proposa
  11. Definitely! I always write with music on. I try to find soundtracks with a similar vibe to my story. I can't have lyrics when writing though. When I'm stuck on something, I usually get up and walk and listen to a specific song that has the vibe I need for the scene or character. Maybe with lyrics. This helps me a lot!
  12. Wow! So many of you are fast. I think my record for an entire day I had set aside was 2500-3000 words. But my problem is I can't type for hours without losing focus. I have to take breaks to reset my brain. I think I did 1000 words in one hour once, but then my brain went kaput.
  13. There's the whole subset that really downplays Wilder's work and tries to give all the credit to her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane, who was, as I understand it, her editor. Don't really get it! Really? I grew up on Austen, so I've been surrounded by fans my whole life, lol. I suppose she has a reputation for being a "romance writer" and people who don't like the romance genre decide they don't like her. However, I'd say her work crosses genres. Yes, people fall in love and get married, but she is a very sarcastic narrator and is constantly commentating on societal issues.
  14. Just learned something new! Didn't know they were connected with Fargo! Haven't seen that either.
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