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  1. This describes what my writing ministry is about. I want to help people understand God and gain knowledge of Who He is.
  2. This is a new song to me. I love the message. Our God is the greatest, the Only One who has saved us from our sin.
  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.
  4. quietspirit

    Just For Giggles ...

    This is darling. Thank you for making me smile. Peace and blessings.
  5. quietspirit

    For 2018, Thank You Lord!

    Praise the LORD. He has been good to you and to your family. Peace and blessings.
  6. quietspirit

    Prayers For Nicola

    It is always hard to receive news like Nicola's especially during this time of the year. I faced the Christmas season of 1996 with similar news. The prayers of my church family (and we were a family) were what brought us through. Prayers going up.
  7. I found the graphics interesting. Thank you for sharing this.
  8. Beautiful. I enjoy the traditional carols. I like the modern ones if they reflect the Lord. Each of the traditional carols tells a story that is beautiful.
  9. Alley: Thank you for sharing this with us. I don't think I ever heard this story before. The words have a deeper meaning for me now because of this story.
  10. quietspirit

    Prayers For The People Caught In The Alaska Earthquake

    Will be praying for those in that area.
  11. quietspirit

    Site Updates

    This was a surprise when I came. but I like it. Thank you for doing this, Rebecca,
  12. quietspirit

    Welcome To The Moderating Team, Johne!

    I understand. My birth name is very formal. As a child, most of those who knew me who were my age called me a shortened version of it. As I grew older, they used my birth name. In college, everyone knew me by that nickname from my childhood. Now, I am on at least my third go around with answering to the childhood nickname. Congratulations on you appointment.
  13. quietspirit

    I Give Thanks For ...

    That's right. I also praise Him when he allows me to get out of a chair and move.
  14. quietspirit

    I Give Thanks For ...

    This would make quite a scene. Enjoy your day.
  15. quietspirit

    I Give Thanks For ...

    I give thanks to God, who always teaches me what I need to learn, for His saving me from my sins. I also give thanks to Him for my husband of 50 years and our son who has made something of his life despite a serious congenital condition. I also give thanks for my church family, several who stood by me through some very difficult periods of my life.

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