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  1. Serve The Higher Power


  2. short of change
    a chance to view
    system attitude torn blue
    the shade of grey played out on my day
    near a vacant mile stay clear of the dial
    out to confess
    we need to seek the added trust

    head long for excursion
    left behind a great aid
    able to regain its flow
    some sort of inflate the ego
    sharp as change

    the fragrance to wear
    people drawing ever so near
    the coast is clear

    • I wish I had better news but my brakes failed on my car. Was denied benefits this week. But I choose to let the LA giant leap into fame you got potential pal would love to read more of your work. Strong message you have here really hit home in accordance to the poem piece. You are very alert and stand in one accord according to its great message. Such as a blade of grass torn in the wind you have great taste in brevity. Further, your word choice is professional very in tuned you got here from the heart you got to write more of your excellent poetry. Lastly, it encompasses a wealth of knowledge to humanity to embark along its journey.ord Jesus have his way in my heart my real desire is to better serve him with my whole heart & soul.

  3. It's getting late but I need to write down some thoughts. With the busyness of the day its good to rant nor rave about poetry in general. Further, critics will try to put you down but you have to think better then they are. in closing a winner is just another quitter that falls down and gets up to give it one last try. 

  4. How is everyone's joy today ?

  5. Mario William Vitale

    Critique Forum - Notice

    Ever so often you come across someone else's work with splendid occasion this is one such delicate reflection with words.
  6. I know I have been banned from writing on the forums for some time now. Can you give me a pass to come out of writers jail I have good poetry I want to submit ?
  7. Mario William Vitale

    Warning: Do Not Use Cocky In Your Book Title

    I don't understand ?
  8. Mario William Vitale

    Butch Malone & The Cobweb Series

    Butch Malone walked tall that day when he arose from his rest. Outside pillars having climbed the long whinding duration of each moment he awoke. Various scenes flashed by his brain in remembrances alone again in a pitch darkened room. Where tables having overturned to seal his doom. For Butch Malone was fit to be told. Many today viewed wanting to run away hide yet to where? Through both space and time there were various questions lingering inside his fragile egg shelled appearance. Many years have passed having every reason to grasp the question of his existence. A chase after ice to seal his doom. Still searching for an answer for the questions that lay on his heart. A neighbor friend would be right by his side to depend. Something was stirring inside when no one would want to date his cause of having cobwebs in his attic. A poor lost soul living in some fish bowl year after year. Chasing sweet dreams through a pipeline built in formation. Perhaps Butch was in need of a break on some long away vacation? With a tender voice that was thhe day Butch stubbed his big toe. There was again silence again stirring in the wind. Through night following day he took time to bow the knee to pray by giving thanks to the one we have to do. Still it is what it is. Later Butch sold his life story at outdoor auction to benefit the press releases that would profit his name. In time even through the night following the day he took offense. Where as his neighbors disapproved stating, "Life doesn't need to be lived out that way"? His heart was moved with compassion where as later it was fixed on his realization to live out his dreams. In snap shot memory's of his past having so much fun with the hope that it would always last.
  9. Mario William Vitale

    God Of Second Chance

    creativity with good intentions, "write from your heart, and you will make a diffence.." I like that- hope I can follow through on that good advice Nice sentiments in this bitter-sweet write! Memories of loved ones linger on in nature's signs I am privileged now to be able to sit and ponder on our veranda. It is where I get most inspiration, and this is inspirational. Thank you for sharing. God Bless.
  10. Mario William Vitale

    A Mountain Top Experience

    thank you so much
  11. Mario William Vitale


    Very nice sentiments & thoughts.
  12. Mario William Vitale

    The Community

    Like this a lot hit that special spot made you think a lot. Wouldn't change anything really a nice piece of writing. Provides cadence to the simple minded very well done.
  13. Mario William Vitale

    This Godless Society

    Very interesting read well done
  14. Mario William Vitale


    nicely written you got here keep it simple

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