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  1. PenielC

    Warning: Another Word Trademark War

    Soon all the words in English will be trademarked
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    Looking For Reviewers

    OK. Got it on kobo
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    Looking For Reviewers

    Alright, I'll check it out
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    An Apt Description

    Quite true
  5. Thank you so much for this
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    Looking For Reviewers

    That's the screenshot of the message I received
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    Looking For Reviewers

    It's an Android 7 device. Brand is Tecno Camon CX Air.
  8. So, no more newsletter swaps except you tell subscribers that you're going to distribute their info to other authors/bloggers. I would like to see how authors and bloggers get around this. I'm sure some will find a loophole somewhere.
  9. PenielC

    Newly Published

    Welcome Cynthia. Hope you find what you're looking for.
  10. PenielC

    About The Website I Told You About...

    @Beverly Waller Nice site you've got
  11. Alright, this is a devotion I wrote. I thought it might help someone here, or you can share it with someone you know. Here's the link: Meditation, Your Way to Success “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Joshua 1v8 NKJV What you give attention to grows. If you spend time in your relationships, you'll have more friends or more quality relationships. If you spend time to learn the ropes in your job or business, your skills will grow and you'll be closer to the results you want to achieve. In the same way, if you spend time meditating on the Word of God, your spiritual life will grow and affect you in every other way. Meditation is one way to focus on God's word. The Hebrew word translated into meditate is ‘hagar '. According to Strong’s Concordance, it means to 1. Muse 2. Imagine 3. Plot 4. Device 5. Mutter 6. Moan 7. Utter 8. Speak 9. Growl 10. Roar It's much more than the general understanding of meditation. If you notice, it progresses from thinking carefully about something to shouting about it. When you meditate on scripture and act accordingly, what happens? You make your way prosperous and have good success. The Hebrew word translated into make and prosperous is the same. It's ‘tsalach’. The word translated into way is ‘derek ’. You shall make your way prosperous means you shall tsalach derek tsalach. Let's go back to Strong's Concordance. Tsalach means to rush, advance, make and show and experience prosperity, make progress, succeed, and be profitable. Derek means way, road, journey, habit, course of life, and moral character. In other words, you shall make your way prosperous means you’ll rush into, show and express profitability in your life. HOW TO MEDITATE Meditation can bring you out of anything and give you indomitable strength. A lot of people think that when you experience abuse, you're ruined for life. In Christ, that's not true. I experienced sexual abuse (multiple counts of rape) when I was 5 plus and 6 years. I also experienced physical and verbal abuse. But I'm not a rape victim or a rape survivor. I'm much more than that. I'm a Child of God. I'm a Daughter of the Most High. How did I overcome the trauma of the past and come out on top? Through meditation on love. This is how I did it: READ GOD’S WORD. In 2000, when I became born again, God filled me with his Spirit and led me to start reading about His love. I read about how He loved me and died for me. Then I found out what love is in 1st Corinthians 13 . I meditated on this scripture day and night. I read about it for months and thought about it carefully. PRACTICE THE WORD I didn't stop there; I started practising love. I became kind and withdrew my attention from how I suffered due to trauma. I was doing what 1st Corinthians 13v4,5 says. SPEAK GOD'S WORD I spoke to family and friends about God. I showed them how to display love in different situations. SHOUT IT OUT; PUBLISH IT Have you ever seen a lion roar? Lions don't roar to announce their presence to their pride. They roar to dominate their environment. That's what I did. It stopped being a family affair. I distributed love everywhere I went. I helped those who were experiencing abuse. And now I publish my story so that everyone can know that they don't have to languish in pain. They can be healed from depression, effects of abuse and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). They can become emotionally and mentally whole. I met one of the rapist about a decade ago. He's family - we were bound to meet one time or the other. After the meeting, I didn't feel sad or mad at him. The pain he had caused didn't matter anymore. Because I've got something bigger than that. You don't compare sunlight with dark night. I've got God and He's bigger than sunlight. He's light Himself. He has deposited that light and His love in me. It abounds and is overflowing. Why focus on the past when the present is so pleasurable? Meditating on God Word has brought me this far. It can also make you better. Is there any aspect of your life you want to improve? Pick Bible verses that talk about it. And listen to what God tells you to do. Then go out and do what the Bible says. Do the personal stuff God tells you to do too. Then speak about it. Roar it out. And you’ll burst forth into prosperity. Meditate your way to success.
  12. PenielC

    Looking For Reviewers

    I tried downloading Crazy Jenna from Amazon. My device is not compatible with kindle, according to Amazon.
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    Memo Deal!!

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    More Emojis

    Oh ok

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