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  1. Alley

    Book Trailers

    Clearly, you are purposely ignoring the point. So let's drop this and stick to the point of the thread.
  2. Alley

    Member Asking For Prayer Please

    Thank you, everyone, for your prayers! They have been greatly appreciated. I feel I owe everyone an update. Our emergency is thankfully over! This will be an ongoing process that is never easy but comes under the category of life. Thank you for your support, and thank you to the people that seem to have read this but did not reply. Your prayers are deeply appreciated too! May God bless you all!
  3. Alley

    Has Anyone Used This?

    That's SW. We know it's good when you recommend it! By the way, good to see you again!
  4. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of or used https://onestopforwriters.com/? If so what do you think of it?
  5. Alley

    Has Anyone Used This?

    Thanks, EB! The Emotional Thesaurus is a great resource! I did look through their samples, and they look great even for us pantres. Thanks for letting us know about your experience!
  6. Alley

    Book Trailers

    True, but considering they could reach more significant numbers of consumers if they did not run commercial that made no sense and left everyone wonder what product they are selling, I'd say they are wasting money with inefficient commercials.
  7. Alley

    Book Trailers

    I meant for people who like that kind of thing.
  8. Alley

    Book Trailers

    Must be a different part of the country. I can't even repeat what people around here say about them. 🤐
  9. Alley

    Opening Lines From Booklife Authors

    Lol. Thanks, Lynn! A Pinterest search of writing prompts always bring in some fun ones.
  10. Alley

    Book Trailers

    I don't know a single person that likes the commercials that don't tell you what it is until the end. Mostly because they are done tacky or make no sense whatsoever. Personally, I find that kind irritating. That said, you're right about intrigue. Think of this like a blurb. You need a good hook!
  11. Alley

    Critique Match

    If you don't have them then why do you keep saying, "Come some to one of MY conferences sometime. You might learn something."? You know what nevermind. I am not going going to feed into this. 🙄 Z, be careful. People can still type on another page or handwrite things. I do hope it proves to be a good resource but proceed cautiously. Oh, and let us know what you learn!! 😃
  12. Alley

    Varying Sentence Length

    Thanks, @Johne!!
  13. Hello Tia. Your site is well done, and I don't think you'll find better advice than one of our resident bloggers. ( @lynnmosher ) I wish you all the best on your site! Lovely sing voice!
  14. Alley

    Critique Match

    You know I've not been on too much lately, but every time I see one of you post you're trying to sell us on your conferences. Go post it in plugs and proms and stop trying to shove it down everyone throat!
  15. Alley

    Saying Hello

    Welcome, it's great to meet you!
  16. Alley


    Welcome, it's great to meet you!
  17. Alley

    Flee Dialogue Fillers

    Hey, I write romance. 😲. Quick Accord, do I do this? Does Accord think I do this? 😄
  18. Alley

    Greetings From Gary

    Welcome, it's great to meet you! 😳 Felony indictment?! That sounds scary!
  19. I just got a phone that can access the site. While on the phone I can't edit my post, or quote anyone without quoting their full post. Is it supposed to be like that?
  20. Alley

    tech support Is It Just Me?

    So the quoting was this none tech person's fault. The editing your own post has started showing up when it had not been. So thank you to whoever fixed it!
  21. How would this show you if I was serious or not?
  22. Donate to https://ourrescue.org/!!!!!
  23. I take it this question is there to see that you've read the genre you're writing in and to get an idea of the styles they like?

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